August 15th don’t you just love it, that is we are right in the middle of August! You can sense the holiday spirit in the air. The energies of the Lion’s Gate are starting to kick into effect and I am starting to kick back a bit after this intense energetic time. And those energies will be with us now for some time. The Lion’s Gate energies were much needed after a very intense and dramatically charged spring, what with the virus and everything going on. But, what a time it has been, and what appreciation do I have for the spiritual teachers who have helped me along during this bizarre year. I love nothing better than to tune into Youtube and listen and watch some great videos from the likes of Abraham Hicks on ‘the art of allowing’, or Brian Scott on ‘the Reality Revolution’, or Melanie Beckler’s insightful energy updates…. there are many great people out there who help us along our spiritual path and who help to keep us grounded. Needless to say, a HUGE to thank you to all those on Youtube who accompanied me through the confinement. In fact, they helped me to absolutely adore that precious time totally to myself. I have continued with my daily dose of Youtube learning, as I now tune into the likes of Abraham Hicks whilst I am making lunch or dinner in the evening. I do make an effort to turn off the radio – music is wonderful, but I find it is more beneficial for me to learn a bit more about raising my vibrations or the art of allowing the Law of Attraction to do its job rather than mindlessly wasting my precious time. Mind you, do not get me wrong, I do love to chill out, but I also do want to learn as much as possible, so I try to hit a balance between the two. Or even when I am in the car or on a bus, to tune into a good spiritually educational channel is always a good idea. Using our time to the maximum of our evolvement is always a great choice. So even when I am in the bath or doing the garden I tune in to see is something that I can learn from. I find it always wets my appetite for thought and gives me something to chew on. Because, I realize more and more that I still have so much more to learn, so much more to challenge me, and much more REAL living to do. We are the creators of our own experience, so make sure you know how and what you wish to create. No one else can do this for us, so we have to have as much knowledge about how life works as possible, otherwise, we will just be stumbling around in the dark. Our objective is to leave the darkness of ignorance behind and embrace the light. We embrace the ‘light’ of knowledge for all that we can gain from it. Knowledge is power. Without the correct knowledge of how this Universe and subsequently life actually works, we will remain in the dark. Knowledge is the key to personal power, happiness, health, and abundance. So let us make it our business to continue to strive to be the best version of ourselves, and to try to gain as much knowledge as possible. This knowledge can come from those that went before us; we can stand on the shoulders of giants, both from the past and those who are here with us in the present. So embrace any medium by which it comes, work it into your daily routine, and soon its a habit just like brushing your teeth or showering. That is; if you don’t do it, then you feel like your not your best. Remember too that the best things in life as free; as is YouTube… So I am off now shortly to do the dinner and tune in again to my YouTube favorites. Bye for now.

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