I’ve been so distracted lately… I had practically lost the run of myself. But thankfully not 100%, I have managed to stay grounded during my search online for a car, which has drove me wrong (no pun included!). Being still not able to walk I suppose it gave me some enjoyment to look online at cars. Basically I’ve been led astray by materialism. But, hey if we have to drive a car it may as well be one that we like. God knows they cost an arm and a leg, and I still have not found one… I trust in the Universe and God to provide; I have to, otherwise what’s the point. I have complete trust in Spirit; it has always delivered so why not now? God holds up the entire universe, so I am sure it can manifest a small automatic car for me, and of that I have no doubt. I cannot ever afford to have any doubts, because, when I do it splits the energy, and therefore things take longer to sort themselves out. Having faith is of the utmost importance. Trusting in the process of life’s unfoldment and of God is crucial, and it therefore leaves way for less stress, less instability and less worry all around. One only has to look out the window at this time of year, and see how nature is unfolding. Everything is coming back to life after the winter; the flowers are now in full bloom, the leaves are back on the trees, the birds have built their nests… it is so easy to see how the universe is effortlessly and organically recreating and expanding itself. And these principles also apply to us, but if we are stressing and fussing about things we are places obstacles in our way. So, just stand back a bit and leave it to God; leave things to naturally unfold. Have confidence in the process, and let things flow along nicely. This I know can be easier said than done, so that is why it is so important to stand back and bit and to remember always to call in the aid of Spirit when we feel overwhelmed. Stand back and remember to look out the window. Feel safe and secure knowing that all things are being looked after for us, and we do not have to do a thing, only to have faith; and trust in the process. Trust in God yes, but also your team in Spirit to help and guide you. Remember, that the Universe is for us, and not against us, we essentially live in a friendly and warm world. And we need to remind ourselves of that more and more, because if we look at the telly, or social media, it will tell us differently. That’s why I don’t bother with the news, yes, to a degree it is good to know what is happening in the world, but it is only one face of the many facet gem that we live on. It is certainly not a complete picture; only a distorted view of a few. So, don’t let the ‘few’ over run us and have faith. Have and demonstrate faith, because, as the birds build, and the flowers beautifully bloom, it reminds us that without doubt this world is magic. That is well, and we are loved. So, get out there and smell the flowers, sleep easy knowing that all is well in your world. Have faith, and trust. These things are not difficult, it is just a matter of tuning your channel to ‘on’, instead of ‘off’. So, tune into ‘on’ and to the song of the birds this spring. Allow their angelic vibrations to elevate you; listen to the voice of creation, that is calling to you. That is with you and in you, and of course for you. Worry not, and enjoy every blessed moment this spring.

Blessings Edel.

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