Having recently had a conversation with friends, I was astounded to see a lack of belief that you actually have control over your interiority. Yes, it is true; you are the captain of your ship; no matter what life throws at you. You are always at the helm of your own boat. In fact, it is up to us, as to how we react to situations. It is within us, and only us ourselves, that can make us respond positively or negatively to life’s situations. Nobody makes us ‘feel’ as we do, and it is up to us to take responsibility for our attitudes, reactions and basically how we think and feel. And this is what forms us; our thinking creates our behaviour and our personality. It is what gives us our individual characters. This is what sets us apart from other animals; we are rational beings. And we can use this God-given gift of rationality either to enhance our earthly experience or we can create a living hell for ourselves. The thing is, you must know how to play this ‘game’ of life. We need to decide first and foremost if we live in a hostile or friendly world, is the glass half empty or half full? You see our vision of the world, basically, our attitude can either enrich us or devour us. Likewise our attitude toward others; do we allow others to upset us if things are not going our way? Have we learned to detach ourselves from our surroundings regardless of what is going on in the world and remain calm, grounded and relaxed on the inside? People waste their lives obsessed with what others are doing or not doing when the only person they should be concerned about is themselves. whether you are in hospital or having a really bad day, once you are happy on the inside nothing on the outside should pull you down for too long. Again, it is all to do with the management of your emotions and interiority. What is this management and where do I learn it? because we certainly did not learn that in school, (which we should be doing before anything else). It is basically both spiritual, and a psychological practice that we should be first focussing on in life, as all else follows from these. Our interiority should be built on a strong foundation and knowledge that we are eternal beings and that nothing can harm us other than ourselves. Because how we feel on the interior manifests in our exterior, we create our own reality. Therefore, it is vitally important to be aware of this and to make good conscious decisions in regards to our thinking, our attitudes and our feelings. Nothing, nor no one can shake us if we have built a solid foundation for ourselves. This foundation can also be described as not only our connection to ourselves; our inner essence, but also our connection to the Universe, to God, to the cosmos at large. Forget about other people, places and what you have to ‘do ‘. The most important person is you; your inner world and what it is you are creating in your beautiful spirit, heart and head. Never look outside of yourself, but only look within. That is all you need to concern yourself about in this beautiful thing called life, my friends. So enjoy getting to know yourself better, enjoy learning to love yourself and what you are: that being a perfect part of God, so go and co-create the perfect life for yourself. Learn to let go, knowing fully well that we live in a joyful, harmonious and abundant Universe regardless of what the telly, internet or the papers tell us. Always remember, that you are the captain of your ship, so learn to sail it.

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