Hard to believe but, yes it is September already! My, how the wheel of the year is turning and every year seems to go by quicker. You can already start to see that autumnal change in the sunrise, sunset and in nature. But we cannot stop time, and we certainly cannot stop Mother Nature from doing her thing! Speaking of Mother Nature I have just got out of a dose of ringworms. Ringworms are not actual worms but a fungal infection, that is highly contagious and appears as round scaly circles on the skin. It appeared on my skin last February and I have spent the last few months disinfecting everything daily which was quite a chore! And I mean everything from the bedclothes to all surfaces. But, all my efforts paid off, plus I had help from Mother Nature in the form of tea tree oil, which among other things has great antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It kills certain bacteria, viruses and thankfully fungi. For every ailment, Mother Nature has a cure. But, the best part is that it is all chemical-free. The doctor told me that the ringworm has laid dormant in my system since I was small when it last appeared. He told me how like shingles, it can raise its head again if one is overstressed, or fatigued in some manner. Basically, he told me that the ringworm was an accumulation of stress that needed to be physically expressed. Because “as within so without”. Your mind, body and soul are one system working in unison. So, if one is out of sync it has a knock-on effect on the others. You cannot be disturbed in your mind, and not have it manifest in the physical body in some form or another. The energy that is created by your thoughts filters down into the energy in your physical being (chakras and aura), and if this energy is not aligned it creates distortions in your energy flow, therefore creating illness or injury of some kind. And it is very hard to escape it, in fact, you can’t unless you are extremely highly spiritually evolved. But, what you can do is try to consciously control your life, by thinking and feeling good. Loving, healthy and balanced thoughts and mindset will do wonders for your quality of life, and of course your health. Though nobody is going to get it right 100% of the time, but we can make an effort to at least be more aware of how we are thinking. Thoughts create things, we are the creators of our own reality, and we need to never lose sight of that. We have to choose do we live in a friendly or hostile world? Do we see unity or division? What lens are we looking not only at the world at but also looking at ourselves through? How am I talking to myself within my own head? Do I love myself and my life? Am I happy with where I am at in life? Or what needs to change? What wake up call do we require? For me, it was the ringworm, but it could have been anything. As we approach this new season of autumn, these are things we can be asking ourselves. Just like the leaves that are slowly starting to change colour, what can we do to transform ourselves into something more beautiful, and more spiritually aligned with our higher selves? The ringworms like the summer are fading away, but this is only natural, even if I am sorry and not to see them go. For this is what life is; constant change. And we can either learn from our life experience or ignore it. One will bring us closer to being wise owls, and the other will keep us stupidly stuck. Which will you choose?

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