Just a quick reminder as we head into the month of August (the sing of Leo the Lion), that we are right in the middle of the ‘Lions Gateway’ opening. The cosmic life force energy that burst forth in spring, continues into the summer and peaks now at this time of the year. There is an immense influx of cosmic energy flooding the planet now, it intensifies towards the end of July up to about the 15th of August. This event occurs every year; it also builds in intensity each year, and with every year that passes the energy increases. This gateway of energy that is open now is full of light codes, downloads, and light infusion coming from the great central sun, other planets; most notably Sirius, which are outside of our solar system. This gifted energy from galactic and cosmic forces aids in our awakening. So it is important to be grounded, centered, and tuned into our inner being during this time that this gateway is open. Remain in the awareness that these ARE grace-filled days, ones that, yes, will come and go and slightly affect us even if we are none the wiser. But, when you are tuned in, receptive, and open to all the Universe has to offer, then you will benefit far more. And the prospects for your awakening and spiritual growth are furthermore advanced. You will be ahead of the game and will be ready to receive all that is coming your way. It is a gateway to personal growth and transformation, but an internal focus is required from us as we integrate these new light codes into our light bodies as we ascend. Always have yourself – not only now, but always in a state of receptivity, open and willing to embrace divine light. Stillness is key if our divine light is to shine as bright as possible. Take time for yourself to meditate, take time in nature, and remain grounded so that you can maximize, benefit, and integrate all of the energy that is offered at this given time. Rest. Eat properly. Look after yourself as best as possible. But, most importantly welcome the light from the lion with open arms.

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