Life for me has been a bit chaotic and tiring as of late… I have found that my routine, my precious spiritual routine has been shaken up and stirred. This my friends I have found to be a bit destabilising, as my routine is what grounds and maintains me. My routine of personal spiritual care is what makes me who I am. So, when that is out of sorts I am not at my peak. But, yet I noticed that I cannot be inflexible either; that there was of course, and as usual something to be learned here. You see whatever life throws at us is a learning experience, and this time was no different. Challenges are presented, and we have to rise to the occasion. It is how we deal with and overcome them, is what matters. I realised too that ok, my routine was serving me very well, but I should not be a slave to it either, I should learn to be more flexible and bend when the wind blows my branches. It also gave me the opportunity to realise just how important my daily routine is to me and to my overall well-being. No matter how tired I am, no matter how much time in the day I have, I just have to make sacrifices and do my meditation, prayers and physical exercise. Otherwise, I am off balance, and I lose my support. You see spirituality provides a support mechanism that is not found through anything else. You can watch a movie to chill out, but it is not the same at all as connecting to your higher self. There is no substitute for that. Sit in a spa all day every day, but if you are not connected to the Divine matrix; your at nothing. It is through connectivity to the divine universal energy matrix that we reconnect with our divine selves. That which is our True Self. This connection is vital for us to be happy, whole and complete. Nothing in the world can compare to it. Yes, we can connect to the divine in nature and art, but actually, sitting and meditating is the most direct and effective route. And then when the wind does blow you about, you have strong roots to keep you grounded, and you are equipped to weather any storm that life throws at you. Plus, it is great for your mental and physical health too. Through meditation, we reduce our heart rate, therefore we reduce stress and are most relaxed and calmer people. We are tapping into the universal energy field of all possibilities and this is all reflected back into our lives in a very positive manner. No├áthing can compare nor compete with it; no retail therapy, no bubble baths, and no chocolate are going to set you up for life quite like meditation. So, no matter how busy or full your day is take and make the time to meditate, and even pray. Do one in the morning and the other in the evening. Carve out a routine just as I did, that is going to work for you. And if like me there comes a time when we need to change a bit the routine, we do that. But, we do not let it slip, as this is an easy mistake to let happen. So, just go with the flow, but whatever happens, keep going.

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