Today May 6th, as I am sure a lot of you are aware of the coronation of King Charles III of England. Millions are watching the televised event around the world. It is a day of great joy for the English and royalists around the globe. English tourism is having a great bonanza. That aside, it still is sad that people are still seeking outdated systems in order to boost their lives. They look to idols outside of themselves and the shallowness of glitz and the so-called glamour of famous people to fill the voids within them. Viewing pageantry, parades and parties seemingly brighten their so thought dull lives. People fail to realise that if their lives are dull it is because they themselves make it dull. They do not see the King or the Queen that resides within themselves. They do not see life as being brilliant, and full of the light and love of the Creator Mother Father God. It is not totally people’s own fault if they are not yet awake, everyone is developing at their own spiritual rate, and some faster than others. There is no right or wrong way to do the spiritual path. But, the more effort you make to grow spiritually, the more benefits you will reap within this lifetime and the quality of your life will vastly improve. If you are awakened you will realise, that this smokescreen of a reality that we are in is not true. Our true nature is divine, we are of God and we are all royal. It is we ourselves that wears the crown and not anybody else. We are all as individuals the anointed ones. We are on the throne, we are the bearers of God’s power; it is all within us and we need never look without, as everything that we need is right inside us. We are the co-create with God, it is we who wear the royal robes, not something, nor someone outside of ourselves. Look within for the treasure trove of glory, seek the Kingdom of God that is within and around you. We ourselves are the nobility, we are majestic. It is we who apport the elegance and the gold within us, within our divine spiritual energy. They do not call the seventh chakra the ‘crown’ chakra for nothing; ok, it is over the crown of your head, but it is also extremely symbolic. Symbolic in that a raised consciousness is the ultimate and only crown that we need to wear. The crown of consciousness is our reigning glory and ultimate attainment of truth and enlightenment. And that is the only crown that matters. Gold, jewels and diamonds will eventually lose their sparkle, and earthly kingdoms fall apart, but the God consciousness within you is eternal. Christ Consciousness is the only crown that we should be reaching to attain. An expanded, open crown chakra will get us there, it is the crown worth wearing and worth fighting for. Crown yourself divine and never mind false earthly, material crowns. Go out and have fun today, watch Charles on his big day, but by no means take it seriously.

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