On a cold and wet November day, I remember those who are homeless, displaced, or simply working out in these wintery conditions. But what strikes me the most are those who are displaced by war, those who are now out in the cold, homeless and left with nowhere to go. Winter with all its magical beauty and potential for cocooning has a brutal and rude side to it. The dark, cold and damp is no joy when you do not have a roof over your head. What also strikes me hard is when people think that wars in far-off places have nothing to do with them. The attitude that it is those mad lads at it again; those kinds of people never learn and that the problems thankfully are over there and not here on my doorstep. Yet, how wrong we are, we forget so so so easily that we are all connected by consciousness. That it is in fact by our collective consciousness that things manifest. So it is we who bring it into being, it is we who births these worldwide problems. Yes, we too have a responsibility not only to ourselves, to our own consciousness but also to the collective; to humanity as a whole. This is why spirituality is so important. Spirituality is a raising of consciousness, done through connection with and through God. God’s consciousness is a positive loving affair, it is oneness; it is unity consciousness and it is not the consciousness of separation and war. We will change the world, but it will only be achieved by us as individuals and therefore subsequently as a collective. But always remember that we cannot separate the part from the whole. Everything I think, do and say is going back out into the collective consciousness. Every interior war that I have, is creating war in the world. Every inner conflict that I have; that is every insecurity, every worry, every upset and feeling of fear is creating conflict in the world. This is why the greatest commandment of all is to love one another; the gospel in one word is love. Thinking we are separate from one another is a joke, as it is impossible. That is the lesson that we all have to learn and become more aware of. Awareness of course is essential, and awareness that self-growth and self-realisation in and through spirituality is vital for humanity to proceed. The war will only be ever won when we win out over ourselves; our ego selves and realise that we are one with God, one another and all of creation.

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