The whole world is of course still talking about the coronavirus, so I may as well join in. I just wish to draw attention to the point that while we are all locked up in confinement due to the virus, I see a parallel between us and how we treat our animals. In fact, we are now the ones being caged up. But, unlike a lot of animals, we have a lot more room to move around. I saw images of animals before, of a market, where chickens were squeezed into a tiny cage, whilst waiting to be sold. What a sad image it painted. But the whole coronavirus could have been prevented if everyone was vegan, or vegetarian at least. The virus got into humans via the consumption of animals, so it is a clear message from the Universe, God, Mother Nature or the Animal Kingdom whoever you wish to call it, but the message is to wake up. This virus is natures way of telling us something, it is a wake – up call and its how nature is fighting back. How much more is it going to take? How many more people have to die before the world sits up and takes notice of un-necessary slaughtering of billions of animals each year. The manipulation of the animal kingdom, the sleepwalking of consumers has to end. People just habitually buying meat without properly thinking it through. I hope that this coronavirus will serve as many lessons for humanity. I hope that we will exit this tunnel of darkness much brighter than when we went in. I hope that more and more people will wake up to what we are doing and buying which is senseless, unnecessary and out-dated. Spring is here and with it new beginnings, new births. I hope this is the birth of a new age of awareness in animal welfare and animal rights. A new era of healing between man and animal, a new appreciation, a new awareness that is badly needed right now on our planet. Because we cannot continue to exploit innocent animals and expect to just get away with it any longer. The Animal Kingdom like Mother Nature (who is subsequently joyously profiting from less pollution right now) rightly deserves our respect and reverence, not constant pillage, abuse, manipulation and killing for no good reason. Every month and not just January should be vegan, check out

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