I recently heard Michael Mirdad on YouTube he noted that ‘we all have Light, but do we use our Light to illuminate or to burn?’. It was a simple and obvious statement, but also how deep and reflective it was. What do we use our Light for? Are we creating a better world for ourselves and others or are we part of the problem? How do we become part of the solution as opposed to being the perpetrators of negativity in the world? How do we embody and become love? How do we live a life anchored in love and integrate it into our daily lives? How do we be ambassadors for God’s love and light? Can we even recognise God’s love and light as opposed to our egos? Which interior voice are we listening to, that of the God-self or that of our very own ego-based fears? God is love, and we need to be able to identify the voice of God within us. That which of love, and nothing else. Because there are two dogs within us, one is of love and the other of fear, so which one do you feed? And do you really know one from the other? If you cannot recognise, and discern one from the other, then we have work to do. Awareness of one’s thoughts is of course vital, and taking time out to reflect is essential. But the best method is to listen, listen in meditation, and listen to your gut feelings. If something feels good, if something sits right within your heart then more than likely you are on the right track. If feelings that emerge are resonating with love and positivity, chances are you are on the right track. If emotions are fear-based then it is more ego-based feelings that are arising. Try to push past the fear and find love in any given situation. That also does not mean that you become a doormat, trying to please others. Love has to be ordered; love of God first, love of self second and third love of others. Because, if you do not love God, and yourself then how could you possibly love others? To truly know love you must love yourself. You can do all the yoga ever invented, drink as much green tea as you possibly can and eat completely vegan, yet if you do not have love you are at nothing. Being spiritual is first and foremost about love, finding that love within you, and expressing it through your daily life. It can be showing love for God by giving time out of your day to connect to the Mother/Father God, to show gratitude to God etc., showing love for yourself by eating correctly, exercising, choosing a job that you enjoy, taking time out of the day to meditate, to get fresh air, going to meet friends etc. And last but not least by being loving towards others. There are two starved dogs inside of us, so which one are you going to nurture and feed? Which one will you give the most attention to? Which one will you train? Which one are you going to embody and advocate? Which one daily gets the bone?

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