Another ten days have passed since I last wrote and for me, a lot has happened, mostly good and some moments rather challenging also. But that what life is about; learning. We are never done, we are but a work in progress. There is no right no wrong, it is all ok. We are here to experience growth and contrast, so without challenges and change, we would have neither. Change is a certainty of life. From the time you get up to the time you go to bed, you have changed. Our bodies, our thinking, our environment, all changing from moment to moment. And that’s what makes life so interesting. It would be very boring to experience the same stuff over and over again. We need change, we need to grow and expand as much as we can. This adds many layers to our life experience, making it magical. Remaining static throughout our lives is mediocre and not going to serve us all that well really. And I don’t necessarily mean only physical or material change, I am also talking about change and growth in our consciousness. You see one can offset the other of course, but you can also stay still and expand in consciousness. As usual, it is about getting the right balance between the physical and the spiritual. But change is a constant and do not be afraid of it. When one door closes, the Universe always fills the void and another door opens. And when the new door opens, we walk through it confidently, knowing that the Universe has our back. What is right for you will not pass you by unless of course, you allow fear to hold you to ransom, which is never a good idea. Be brave and confident and take the plunge. Never fear change nor challenges. Spirit, which is at our inner essence, is always there to guide us, our inner being knows what we want. So go with what is YOUR truth, what is going to serve you and not what others want. Do things for the right reason, and life will be a lot easier, both for you and for others. In other words, we can save ourselves a lot of hardship if our motives and reasoning are right. I have learned that doing things to please others, never worked well for me, in fact, it only created problems and misery. But at least I learned that, so I have that experience and expansion under my belt, and this is exactly what I am talking about. Life is but a school, and we are its students. But the holidays that we get from this school depends on us. If we continue to beat ourselves up, over our mistakes, our faults, our misgivings, then we will never have a break. Give yourself a break when you mess up, it is never intentional. Put it down to experience and expansion and push forward, taking only the lesson that you needed to learn with you. Let each and every experience serve you as it should. And allow yourself the holidays and break from yourself that you deserve. This physical experience of ours is not easy, so why make it harder on yourself? Be like the Kit Kat and give yourself a break.

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