I love YouTube, I have learned a lot from various teachers that have channels on it. ‘Next Level Soul’, with Alex Ferrari, is a great podcast. Alex in exploring who we are as spiritual beings and chats with many people who had near death experiences. In fact, people go through dramatic deaths; have a life after death experience and come back to life, having been transformed by their near death experience. But, it should not take something as dramatic as that for us to wake up, to who we really are. But, sadly that is the case, because, most of us sleep walk through life. We are so over-taken and preoccupied by our outer world, to even think about our interiority. People, are so ‘busy’, they do not take the time to ask questions. We are so completely and utterly consumed by the physical world, that we ‘see’ nothing else. That is why we get pushed under the bus, or fall, or have a car accident… it takes life altering events for us to wake up. Everyone’s journey is different, and it took me to go down into the deep dungeons of alcoholism to come back to my true-self. But, no two are the same, and I suppose also, we have to accept that people are waking up at their own pace. Everyone unfolds organically and some people during this life time will never wake up; it is not their time yet. Everyone has their own role to play, and we are all at various stages. This can be challenging of course, but if we were all living in bliss at the same time, then how would be learn? How would we grow, if we were all perfect. We live in a dualistic world; that is there is night and day, hot and cold, winter and summer, black and white etc., therefore we would not know the light unless there was darkness. We need opposite ends of the scale in order to have a human experience; that is how the universe works. We cannot force people to wake up to spirituality, it has to be a natural process of transformation for each and every one of us. But, the more who are waking up, the better, and it is happening more rapidly on the planet than ever before. This is in large part to the internet, schooling and simply having more time to think about life, as opposed to how we lived 100 or 200 years ago. Today we are the most comfortable generation in history, we have an easier life. We are no longer hunter, gather’s and this allowed for us to grow consciously. We no longer have to toil the land to survive, we now have access to food and education; all of which has added immensely to the growth in consciousness. Plus, the old top down tier systems of religion and government are in theory gone. Basically, we are seeing a social revolution unfold before our very eyes; whether we realise that or not is another thing, but it is happening whether we are conscious of it or not. We are living in magical times, we are so blessed to be here on the planet now, and we can either contribute or whinge about the changes taking place. Sure there is still a-lot that has to be ironed out; society is far far from perfect, wars that have been going on for centuries are still sadly taken place. But, before something new can start, we first have to clean out the old. And there still has to exist a certain amount of negativity in order to balance out the positivity. It all goes back to being in a dualistic universe, there exists polarity and it will continue to exist for as long as this universe exists. We may get used to it as there will always be yin and yang, there is no way around it. So get used to it. Yet, it is how we react to it that counts, it is how we see it that is going to either fuel it or help to finish it. So where are we? Are we the ones holding the can of petrol? or are we there helping to hold the water hose to put it our? If sight or sound of anything negative send us into the depth of despair, then this is no good either. We have to learn to take it in our stride, and not to judge it. It is what it is; it is life, people came into this world for those experiences. That is not to say that we should be cold and uncaring, but neither should we be taken in by and be fooled by the illusion. Because, at the end of the day, it is all an illusion. We are in a dream, nothing here in this reality is real, except our soul. Ok, it may seem like it, sure it is real, but always remember that this is not the ultimate reality. This is not our home; this is only a temporary training ground for the soul, so, relax and enjoy the game!.

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