If you talk to the animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other. If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear. What one fears one destroys.

– Chef Dan George.

You know I have been a vegetarian, and mostly vegan for the last number of years, and I am so glad that I eat healthily. And now more so than ever as I have arthritis in my foot and I need to seriously watch what I eat, as certain animal-based produce like dairy can really set off arthritis. Also, a lot of the fruit and veg that I eat are very good for inflammation, so more good news. Plus the fact that I am gluten-free is also a help as gluten is another food that upsets arthritis. All well and good for me says you. But, to be vegan is of great importance to me as someone who is consciously seeking to grow and evolve. Toxic diets weigh us down and in every sense of the word. That is, not only do chemical-laden foods affect our energies, but so too does animal produce. They both slow down our vibrational energy making us sick and keeping us consciously on a primal level. That is, that chemicals are not compatible with our own body’s natural high vibrational energy, and neither are animal products because we ingest their primal animal energies into our energetic systems which are not good. We assimilate their last emotions before they died into our energy. We incorporate their fear and anxiety into us via subtle energy. Plants are not sentient beings as animals are. Yes, plants have a consciousness, but they are not sentimental. For example, they do not experience fear, or anxiety as animals do otherwise an apple would never fall to the ground, or a flower might be too fearful to open in the spring. There is quite a large difference between animal and plant-based food. Besides all the bad karma that we are creating, and all the bad energy that is created from manipulating and slaughtering animals, our bodies are just not made to digest meat; our intestines are way too long for that. whilst plant-based produce can pass easily and quickly through our digestive system, it takes at least twice as long for meat and fish to pass through our systems. By the age of 40, the average American has about 5 pounds of undigested red meat in their gut… 5 lbs! need I say more? that figure of course can be disputed, but people do not do colon cleansing out for nothing. Anyway, it gives us something to think about. Basically, eating a diet rich in high-vibrational foods is far better for us, than eating heavy foods that import slow vibrational energy into our bodies. Plant-based produce delivers just that; foods with a high vibrational frequency, and that my dears is exactly what we are looking for. Because spirituality is not just something about the soul part of us, it is about the package that we are. Spirituality encompasses the trinity of body, mind and soul working in harmony with each other; complimenting each other. What is good for the part is good for the whole, and the same philosophy applies to our human life experience here on this planet. That which is good for the individual is good for the whole of society, and what is good for society is good for the whole of humanity. And I think also that the animals would agree to that one! We cannot continue as an evolving society to manipulate and murder innocent animals when we have excellent plant-based alternatives. It just does not make sense. And yes, I know I am being judgemental, but we are not compassionate beings when we contribute to such a system, it is just a fact. We cannot walk around in a sleepwalk any longer, we know damn well what we are doing, and it has to stop. There are no excuses.

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