According to Tao Te Ching wisdom, ‘ignoring knowledge is a sickness’. I like this phrase very much, it is only small but it speaks volumes. It is like we all know what we should be doing, and yet we do not do it. We choose laziness, procrastination or despondence instead of that which we should be doing. Believe me, we all have done it. Ignorance now a day is no longer an excuse, we are all in the know, but yet ignore the inner voice that does be screaming at us. We block out these voices that do be telling us to stop smoking, stop drinking, stop shopping, stop eating junk food, or we’ll do it tomorrow, we’ll get fit and meditate next year. Hands up, we are all guilty of it. We are great people and we try our best, but without proper discipline, consistency and self-mastery we will not achieve very much. We need self-regulation, we need to sit up and listen to the inner voice; that is the inner speaking from our soul when it is trying to tell us something that is good for us. Something that will serve our highest good. It is not a good idea to try to block out and ignore the callings of Spirit. Spirit talks to us all the time if we just listen. And when we listen we should act on the wisdom given to us. The more we listen, the more we are still and aware of the callings from Spirit, then the more we will benefit. In fact, the more we live our lives as a collaboration between us and Spirit the better. Because, believe it or not, we are not sent here alone, we have in us at all times our divine spark, our God particle; our Soul. That, that is infinite and eternal, that, that cannot be created nor destroyed. And this part of us, or this that is the real you is always with you. It is always there to guide us and to help us, so tap into it. Do not ignore it, or leave it as the last and least important thing in your life, as it is THE most important thing and it will enrich your life immensely. Pay heed and spend time listening to your inner being, your soul and you will soon see the difference in how you live your life and how much easier life can be. This is where you will find transformation, this is where you will find yourself, this is where you will find ‘home’. This is where the shelter from every storm is found, and it is in the silence of your soul.

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