Last weekend we saw the platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. This four-day extravaganza took place in London and we saw festivities like the Trooping of the Color, concerts, a parade, street parties, and religious service. The British royalists see her as a steadfast, solid, unchanging, and dependable figure. That the British monarchy gives a sense of stability, security and continuity to their country. The English queen is definitely a solid symbol of Britain, that is true, but I wonder are these people looking in the right direction? This phenomenon is not purely British, there are many nations where people look to heads of state in this fashion. You see, this is not something new; people have unfortunately looked outside of themselves for security and steadfastness down through the years. People project their insecurity outward, whilst it should be an inward direction where they should be looking. Eventually, dear friends the queen of England will one day disappear, ok, another monarch will take her place, but this is not a steadfast continuality of anybody; it is constant change, which is a natural part of life. The only one thing that is constant, steadfast and eternal is within you, it is your soul; your consciousness. This my friends is the only thing that we should take comfort from, it is our constant and our certainty, and it will never leave us. Everything we need is actually right inside of us, we need never look any further. For, it is us, and we are part of God. We a segment that forms the orange; we are wanted and we are needed. We are safe and secure. Nothing can ever harm us. We are what we are searching for, everything is right under our nose if we only open our eyes. Nothing external will ever satisfy us, like that which is inside of us. The Queen of England has done a great job of being queen, do not get me wrong, but she is not a replacement, nor anything compared to our inner-being, our God centre, our Divine selves, or Higher selves, our God-consciousness, our Christed consciousness, and our Divine spark. Divine energy flows through us; we are extensions of the Creator. The energy of the Universe is inside of us, this same energy creates the cosmos, and it is us. All of this is housed right within us, we need never feel insecure, nor needy of any reassurance from something on the exterior. God is with us, so who or what can be against us? As we are God. We are perfect, we are powerful, we are limitless, and we are all in our own way princes and princess’, we are all Royalty in God’s cosmic kingdom.

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