When you trust without reserve and have complete faith in the Universe to deliver, it does give you what you need. Of this I am sure. But, you do need to let go and not think about it all the time. ‘Ask and you shall receive’ the bible says, do this and just leave the rest to God and the Universe to sort out. Having complete trust in the process is vital. Doubting or any negative thoughts you put out there are going to contradict your desire for what you just asked for. No, just stand back haven put your desire out there. Life is that simple, when you have faith and trust in the process, just do not put yourself, and your obsessive thinking between you and what you want. Think of it like going to a restaurant. You go in you look at the menu, and you filter your desires between that with which you want and that with which you do not want. When you settle on that which you want, you order it. Say, you chose the vegetarian option, and you expect without any doubt that you will receive that which you asked for. You do not fear or fret over the server bringing out a plate of beef or chicken now do you? You know with certainty that you will get what you desired; the veggy option. But, if you keep changing your mind; are uncertain and keep changing your order then whatever you did finally order is going to take a lot longer time to get to you. Plus, you may also regret your choice. Knowing what you want and what you do not want in this life is a blessing. Those who know what they want tend to get there faster and with more ease. Simply because they know what they want and they trust in the process; some call that ‘process’ God, the Universe or their inner knowing (which is essentially their inner essence or soul). Saying, all that it is also by experiencing what we do not want, how we know and learn that which we want. So, yes it is inner knowing, but also our experience, either way, we arrive at knowing what we do want. And the more you are in contact with your inner being; your higher self at a soul level, the easier knowing what you desire is. The easiest way to spend more time listening to your inner being or soul is meditation. Meditating is a fast-track way to live your life at a soul level. There in meditation, you effectively spend time closing off the noise of the outside material world, reaching your inner essence or higher self. This along with many other benefits enables you to be more confident and self-assured. When you are confident of what you want you kindly thank the Universe for all it has given you, and you set another desire, stand back and allow the Universe/God to deliver. Just like you would in a restaurant. And oh how rich God’s table is and how delicious life is when we have faith and trust.

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