I have been tuned in to some very interesting channels on YouTube, so constantly learning new knowledge. One channel ‘The Reality Revolution’, hosted by Brain Scott (who has a great voice to listen to) has some excellent lectures. One I recently came across was a lecture on Neville Goddard; the famous American author, who wrote on the Bible, mysticism and self-help. In that lecture, Scott spoke of Goddard’s book ‘At Your Command’, and it threw up some interesting insights and parallels in the Bible about consciousness. I agree with Goddard that the Bible is not simply a library of books on the history of the ancient Jewish people, nor a biography of Jesus Christ, the Bible is a psychological drama mirroring and magnifying consciousness and the many different states of consciousness. Goddard sees the Bible as a great scientific work, and he has good reason for this. It is wonderful to re-discover the Bible for what it really is. It is a breath of fresh air, from the stiff, misunderstood and outdated interpretations of this great book. The Bible can be interpreted as moving from lower states of consciousness into the higher realms of consciousness (or vibrational frequency if you prefer to use energetic terminology). Just reflect on the many narratives told in the bible of escaping, finding freedom, travelling, climbing mountains, resurrection. All in fact are mirrors for attaining and elevating oneself (or the masses) to a higher level of consciousness or to higher ground where a better level of consciousness exists. Just think of the Israelites fleeing from the barren land of Egypt, to the land of milk and honey in Cana, Daniel in the lion’s den, or David and Goliath, crucifixion and resurrection. What really is being talked about is transformation. Transformation and release from lower states of consciousness, to new beginnings and rebirths in superior states of consciousness. Tales of turning from evil to good are simply tales of again turning from the lower consciousness egocentric mind to the higher levels of consciousness or a Christ consciousness. Christ consciousness is the resurrecting power, it is what we are all called to become. That is unity consciousness, where there is no separation between us, the other or God/Universal consciousness. The Bible and many other books are calls for us to claim our God-consciousness, and that consciousness is within us. We are Gods, we are all strains of God. God is not external, but internal, He is within us so we need to ditch the old outdated concept of God. We need to claim God as our awareness of being just as Jesus and the prophets did. Whether we realise it or not many are doing this today and have been doing so for centuries. This is very evident as mankind has thankfully been constantly expanding in consciousness. We are constantly growing, learning, and moving forward. But as we move forward do not be so quick to knock religious books like the Bible, nor under-estimate them. The Bible like many wise books, poems and documents need to be read with the correct glasses on. There are more intelligent ways to interpret that which is written then we think. Never take things at face value, and discard them as simply fairy tales or legends, there are many hidden meanings that we may not be aware of. This world is simply a magnifying mirror, a mirror into your consciousness, so take a long hard look at all that is around you. Because all that is outside of you is a reflection of your inner consciousness. Transformation of consciousness is vital and the key to a happy and healthy life, and that is what the Bible is trying to relate to us. The Bible is a brilliant book when you read it in the light of consciousness, check out the last chapter of the Bible the book of Revelation, or the Apocalypse of John. Re-read it in the light of the transformation of consciousness and you will get what I mean. This book is not an end of the world scenario, but a spiritual rise; cleansing and opening our chakras into higher consciousness. It is not about destruction and devastation as often misunderstood. No, this is a book of symbols of hope, renewal and expansion in the conscious experience. It is about battles between our lower egocentric selves and our higher selves found in consciousness. The return of Christ is the return of the Higher Self or the Higher Mind in consciousness. The New Jerusalem of higher consciousness is available to us all, and now.

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