I loved this quotation that I came across on my Dad’s daily quoted calendar, it said:

– “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people” –

How true! So how do you use your mind? Do you use your mind to better yourself or are you mindlessly wasting time? How conscious are you of how your mind operates? Are you filling your mind with light and growing in love? or are you filling your mind with endless hours of social media, gossip or TV? The ego-mind likes to ‘kill’ time, as in waste precious time on lower based emotions and behaviors. But, this is not going to benefit us, this is not going to help us on our journey of personal/spiritual growth. This, in fact, will only hinder us, and keep us running on the same ferret wheel level of existence. We are so much more, and we have so much more to give not only to others but also to ourselves. Because, at the end of the day self-care, self-exploration and self-advancement is the most important thing in our lives. Self-care is not something that historically was emphasized, but today we understand better how looking after one’s body, mind and soul is essential for us to flourish. Self-care is about consciously taking responsibility for meeting your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. It is also about avoiding situations and experiences that deplete your energy and happiness. “You have to recognize that the worldwide view of work harder, longer and faster, makes you sicker and more miserable. You must understand that ignoring your needs for health and balance is not sustainable will ultimately cause you to suffer”, – Adam Brady, Vedic Educator. Self-care does not imply selfishness nor narcissism, rather it is both the validation and the permission to tend to your needs, instead of minimizing or ignoring them. Self-care can take courage; courage to slow down in a society that wrongly over emphasis’ the busy busy 24/7 lifestyle, competition and commercialism. Self-care is validating the need to slow down in order to speed up. It is about recharging your batteries, so that your performance WILL be enhanced, and that you are the best version of yourself, and therefore everyone benefits because you are happy and healthy. There is no point in waiting to take care of yourself until something goes wrong; the time for self-care is now in this present moment. Self-care may seem frivolous and indulgent to some, self-care is, in fact, an act of self-love and a necessity. Self-care is in line with putting on your safety belt in the car. 3Self-care is putting on your oxygen mask first, before attempting to help another. It is the recognition that helping others doesn’t have to come at the expense of your happiness and well-being”, Ibid. Self-care should include the following tools; spiritual practice of some form (meditation and prayer), rest and recovery, stress management, work/life balance, nourishment, exercise, and energy management. Caring for yourself in those manners helps your health, happiness, work, and relationships, and most important of all, your relationship to yourself and God! Because at the end of the day, if you do not take care of yourself, who will? And how can you look after others if you do not look after yourself?

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