Today is July 14th; the French national holiday known as ‘Bastille Day’ or in French as ‘féte nationale’. It is celebrated each year on this day here in France, and it marks French independence for its people, since the French revolution of 1789. It is the oldest and the biggest military parade in Europe. Each year the famous Champs Elysees boulevard rolls out France’s military muscle, parading soldiers, vehicles, cavalry, and aircraft, in a grand pomp and ceremony, spread over two hours. To me, this is a display of lower consciousness being played out on a grand scale, where external power and egotism are to the fore. To me, displays of this kind belong in the past and are not the image of an evolving state, nor of a people who live from a higher consciousness. Displays of military muscle, only serve to re-enforce the notion that power is something that is external and comes at a cost. The truth is that real power comes from within, it is a personal power as opposed to a material power. It comes from inside of you, from the Spirit within you, which is an underlying divine intelligence or consciousness. Because when you are in contact with Spirit, when you are in a relationship with what I call Spirit (God, the Universe, divine consciousness, non-local intelligence whatever name you prefer), you take on its power and properties. Those properties to name a few are; love, compassion, creativity, joyfulness, oneness, happiness, beauty, peace, bliss, etc., the list goes on and on. These are qualities that deserve celebration and acknowledgment. They accumulate to give you personal power; a sense of inner knowing and a sense of belonging, a sense of connection to something far greater than yourself. Nothing external or outside of you can deliver that, only Spirit. And the best way to meet with Spirit is to have a spiritual practice; as in to meditate and to pray. Wave all the flags you want on independence day, celebrate your country in its own right, but, don’t be fooled by outward shows of strength, glamour, and ceremony. Don’t be blinded by the lights, instead seek the light that is within. (Check out Deepak Chopra’s’ book ‘Synchro Destiny’, for more.)

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