Spirituality and religion are very closely interlinked with psychology. This is even more clear today as we see rows and rows of self-help and spirituality books, that are a mix of; psychology, personal development, and spiritual growth. You cannot separate the three. Spiritual growth is aligned with psychological growth. One cannot grow spiritually until one realizes and see how your ego or your false self, is not the real you. Anybody still grossly emerged in ego-based activities, will find it hard to climb the spiritual ladder, or to grow internally. One has to let go of ego based fears and emotions and allow one’s true or higher self; that self which is lived from the level of your soul to take over and shine through. This can be difficult, as unfortunately, we are living in a very ego based society, but you have to see the wood from the trees and see that the Truth is far from what we are presented with in our fear-based, competitive, consumer societies. To live from your higher-self one has to come to know oneself, and to become aware. Aware of conditioning, and aware of who one really is when you strip away all the social, and familial masks that we wear. Masks were made for Halloween and that’s where they should stay. Because you are not a mother/father, sister/brother, cousin or co-worker/boss/politician, husband/wife, you are at essence just yourself, and that self is a spiritual being. Your real self possess’ nothing only your soul, it does not have a bank account, a car, nor an identity card. Your True-self is your divine spark within. It is you; it came into this world with you, and it is the only thing that will leave this world with you because it IS you. And when you start to remember that, and to leave the illusions of this world behind, living in the now as your True-self, it is then that you will find happiness. So how does one try to meet this True-self of yours? The best and easiest way to do that is to meditate. Because when you meditate, you encounter your soul. It is there in the silence that you can touch and feel your True-self, it is here where you can finally relax.

Our paths in life evolve as we evolve, and this never stays the same as everybody treads a different path during each life journey. But, if one is stuck on one hardened dogma or set of beliefs, the spiritual journey is going to hit a wall, as one will remain stuck in a lower ego-based sense of self. And you may ask yourself ‘why does this matter’? It matters because we are here to spiritually grow. If we do not evolve; if we do not learn to drop our ego-based fears and emotions, then it is much harder to arrive at unity consciousness and that is the ultimate goal of spirituality and religions. Unity consciousness gives way to be being one with the Divine. And if we are not one, then we are separate and this is no good. It is alike to the great Ocean if divine consciousness is a great ocean; then we are but drops in that great Ocean, and we enter the ocean and meld into one. But, if we enter the great Ocean as pebbles with our ego-based thoughts and separateness, then we sink to the bottom. We do not go with the flow of divine consciousness if fact we remain lost and isolated. When we feel lost and isolated it is due to this separation from the great Ocean, or God if you prefer to call it that. And this sadly is the root of all our problems; the separation from God. Because, when we are living from the level of the soul, from our True-selves, then we are living not separate, but in harmony with God/the Divine consciousness. We are in fact united, formed and fashioned in that great consciusness, and are perfectly merged into that great Ocean, where only bliss exists. And who would not want that?

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