May has finally arrived and we now have the summer to look forward to. The season of Spring is well underway and all the new growth is well and truly established. May being the fifth month is the month of change; of action, of putting into motion all that we have planned. The fresh start is here and now and it is ours for the taking. Just look at how Mother Earth regenerates itself this time of year, and so too can we. We can learn a lot from nature, we can see how nature adapts easily; not holding back; not like us waiting for the perfect time to do something. Nature goes with the gentle flow of the Earth’s seasonal rhythms, she does not hold on, she does not live in fear, she moves forward with gentleness and grace, nature does not stay in a rut, but, moves forward fearlessly into each new season – be that of growth or of letting go. We too need to do the same; to live in the present and to be able to adapt; to change accordingly; to grow or to learn to just let go. Flexibility is key, as attachments can hold us back from vital new phases in our lives. New phases invite us to expand and grow and to experience new things; to live life to its fullness. Imagine if the leaves on the trees decided to not grow again this spring – that they were too afraid of the new beginning, of the new burst of growth; that they were feeling vulnerable, alone and frightened. This seems to be a ridiculous scenario, as we well know that they are not alone, that they have no need to be afraid and that their re-emergence is for their own good. Because without growth life would simply not exist as we know it. Without growth and change life is locked, life is held hostage and life is not worth living. Change/growth is always needed, and especially growth from within. That is what life is about, our personal and/or spiritual growth. Embrace change, embrace the new self-spring that you are gifted each day. Use each new day to grow and evolve into the best version of yourself, do not be afraid of change; be that inside or outside of you. Change offers a wealth of new opportunities, of new beginnings and of new experiences. There is a lovely vibrant freshness this time of year, the green of the newly budding leaves is like an electric green. These greens deepen in color as the summer growth continues, and our spirits are the same, with each new growth we deepen and develop; adding more layers to our inner selves or our ‘souls’. Our ‘soul’ is the part of us that is eternal, that does not die when we die, it is our divine spark. And we need to nourish our soul in each life that we live; we need to learn how to do just that, and also how to make that learning experience the center of our life’s purpose. Because, without our sense of purpose, without realizing we have a divine spark that needs to be ignited, we simply feel lost, afraid and misguided. So, embrace your personal spring, embrace your spiritual growth and go forward fearlessly into each new chapter of your life using mother nature as inspiration, to burst forth into the fullness of life.

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