I came across an interesting and very true comment recently about ‘death’. It said that the fear of death is actually worse than death itself. And how true, for those who do not understand what death actually is of course fear will override their emotions. People fear the unknown, but, when you know the other side; when you are in connection with Spirit and live from a higher consciousness/awareness you lose the fear of death as you realize that death s just a shift in consciousness from one level of existence to another. There is nothing to fear in dying, death is a natural part of living. One has to die in order to be reborn, renewed, released and resurrected. Death, like life, is a journey, a journey of transformation. We are here to transform, to grow in awareness and love. In death, we continue with that transformation which we started in life, we bring what we have learned or have not learned into the next phase of our soul’s voyage; we continue our evolutionary journey. Our evolution is an on-going process, as we are eternal; our soul/divine spark is eternal, so we never die. Death does not exist. The only thing that exists is the ego-based emotions that we ourselves create; the ego loves to play games with us, to create delusions, drawing on our fears and fragility. And if you allow the ego to rule your emotions, then that it what you will have – a life lived in fear; fear of lack, fear of foes, fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear of love, fear of failure, fear of judgment, fear of freedom, fear of life itself. Listening too much to our egos is a direct result of not listening enough to the divine spark within you; of not listening to your higher or true self. Because, when you listen to your true-self at the level of the soul, it is there where you find or meet with your confident self, the self that is divine, the self that is not over-ruled by ego-based lower emotions like fear. God did not put us here to be afraid nor to live lives of fear, no, God gave us all that which we need to live very good lives; lives lived in love, lives lived from the level of the soul, which resonate with love and light and not fear, nor negative emotions. We need to shed this mentality and embrace that which we do have, and that which is freely given to us. That is our inner divinity, without embracing our own divinity we are disconnected from ourselves; we can’t see the full picture and therefore fear takes over, because, we are out of the loop so to speak. And if you are not in the know, of course, it is then very easy to listen to your ego-based fears. It is like before for centuries, the common belief was that the Earth was flat and that after the horizon you would ‘fall’ off the Earth. But, that mentality was a result of not seeing the whole picture, of not understanding what was really going on – of not being in the ‘know’ or not being in the ‘loop’. Things change; and for the better when you have the whole picture, the better understanding, and the knowledge. Death by definition is the same, lower fear-based emotions are the same. Get into the ‘loop’ or get the knowledge by being in contact with your divine-self, with your inner being, and your soul, there you will find what you need to lose; like fear of death, or fear of any kind, and it is there too that you will find comforts and consolations like no-where else. Take time to meditate, to encounter that special soul that you really are.

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