Trying to find toothpaste without fluoride in it is a challenge. The industry is hell-bent on dosing us with fluoride, which is supposedly good for our teeth. But it also calcifies our penal gland which is the seat of our third eye. So over time, this is not good. Many say it is a conspiracy on behalf of governments to keep the masses from realising their true spiritual power and potential. That I do not know, but I am told that on a spiritual and health level fluoride may not be the best option for us. Other side effects of fluoride are that too much will lead to discoloured teeth, weakened enamel, and causes skeletal issues, acne, high blood pressure, and neurological problems. They say without fluoride that we run the risk of tooth decay and cavities, the jury is still out, but on a spiritual level it is not good for opening the third eye, and this of course is not a help. Yet, we can use all the fluoride-free toothpaste in the world, and still not be spiritual. At its core spirituality is about becoming the presence of God; connecting with our God self, and living life from that perspective. That perspective is mainly love. Love of God, love of self and love of others. And speaking of love, tomorrow on August 15th people (mainly Catholics, but all who appreciate Mother Mary) are celebrating the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Mary was the embodiment of love, whether she used fluoride or not is not an issue because she not only talked the talk but walked the walk also. Mother Mary brings us beautiful feminine energy, and the celebration of her ‘assumption into heaven’ or ascension in consciousness is a cause for celebration and reflection on our own inner journey. Mary just like Isis before her has become associated with the divine feminine aspect of God. And that is what the world needs right now; soft feminine energy. A child asked at the weekend why are there so many apparitions of Holy Mary and not Jesus. A very good question. And it seems to me that Jesus came among us to bring us the Christ Consciousness, and Mother Mary comes to us to bring that softer feminine energy. She is the comforter, the Mother, and the carer. The world needs more feminine energy, because for too long masculine energy has dominated. Ok, in the higher realms of spirit, there is no gender, but here on the physical plane, we are living in duality. We are living in duality; within a polar universe of opposites; that is how God created it, so we can experience for example; day and night, hot and cold and good and evil per see. So for me, Mother Mary with her high vibrational feminine energy fits the bill perfectly. Mother Mary brings to this earthly realm her fabulous feminine energy, that lifts the planet and all who and where she touches. She is the model of the divine mother, she birthed the Christ and she can help us to do the same. That is, she can help us to give birth to the Christ consciousness within each and every one of us, and bring a higher consciousness to fruition. Mary brings with her the vibration of motherhood, of being a natural caregiver, healer, peacemaker, and nurturer. Her role as a mother is love unconditional love, and like Mother Mary, we are called to do the same. Mothers’ role is also to correct, to be a way shower, and a teacher. Mother Mary is all these things and more. Mary represents creation, fertility, and abundance. She is many many symbols all rolled into one, but it is her energy and presence that are the most profound and most needed in this world. To be close to her is to touch and connect with the divine feminine, and that is something that we all need. The divine feminine archetype holds many qualities that can be seen as intuition, heart-centred, compassion, wisdom, acceptance, forgiveness, and collaboration, among a few. We do need both the divine masculine and the divine feminine to co-exist within us like the yin and yang to complement and support each other. But it is when one is outweighed by the other that things go hairy, and that is what has happened in our world. The masculine (aggressive, competitive, dominant etc) has overpowered the feminine, and it is now time to bring things back into balance. So connect with your feminine side, your feminine energy, go within and reconnect with your feelings, your emotions. Journal, do heart chakra meditations, pray to Mother Mary, light candles, and practice self-love. Start by getting to know the true divine Mother within you. Explore it also through Mother Nature. Reclaim your respect for the Mother of Christ and talk to her as you would any mother, ask her to help you to reconnect with your inner divine feminine, be grateful for her, and thank her regardless of what religion you are or are not.

Happy Feast of the Assumption.



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