I am sitting here locked up in the middle of the Covid-19, Corona Virus epidemic crisis. There is a lot of fear in the collective now, and our job now is to lighten this heavy energy that is all around us now. Most of which has been brought to us by the media, and by our addiction to social media, which is serving not much purpose other than entrenching us further into those fear-based energies, that are fuelling this virus. I truly do believe that laughter is the best medicine for us at the moment because clinging on to those dense energies is only going to weigh us down further. That is not to say that there is not a certain sadness to this scenario, yes there is, but like everything, this outbreak has happened for a reason, and part of this reason is for us to learn how to handle and how to cope when uncertainty and fear arrive unannounced. In fact, we have many lessons to learn from this epidemic, but how we react and cope really is of primary importance right now. By being insecure, by being disconnected from Source; that is from God, from Spirit, from the infinite Universe, from the Creator of Creation we are left vulnerable and of course frightened. So, it is far better for us if we have had already laid a solid foundation within ourselves, so that when things like this happen, that we are not sucked into the hysteria and the panic like which has now gripped the planet. When we are sure of who and what we are, which is Divine beings having a physical experience, then we know automatically that everything is going to be alright, that all is well in our world because we do not let the illusion play with us. We do not give in to anything that is lower in frequency than our own very existence that which is bathed in divine love and light, nothing can actually harm us, because we are eternal and one with God. We are perfect, whole and complete, we have no need to fear, it was said so many times ‘do not be afraid’ as we have the power of God within us. Everything that we need is right within us, it already exists. We feel secure because we are safe in the knowledge that only love exists, that only love is real and that death is just an illusion. Death is merely an energy shift or a change in consciousness from one state of being to another. We know that we are safe and that we are loved, and therefore that we can laugh and lighten the tension that is in the air right now…. because any doctor will tell you that laughter really is the best medicine.

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