Being a former alcoholic, I was questioned at the weekend about how I did it. how did I shake off my addiction to alcohol? What was my secret? Everyone knows that I went to rehab, but many go and far more fail. So, why was I different? But, trying to explain this to someone who may be unaware of ‘awareness’ is difficult. You, see I found my ‘True Self’, I let go and died to the old, false ego-centred self. It was that simple because when you are in sync and in tune with your higher being or your true self, all else falls into place. It is a lesser-known fact, but your whole life and your whole existence, rely on this simple solution for a life lived in peace and harmony, versus a life of turmoil and insecurity. And, you certainly do not need to have or have had a major life hiccup like alcoholism or anything like that. You just need an awareness that there is a better and easier way to have a human experience. It is like what Carl Jung said ‘you spend your youth developing a strong ego, and your adulthood trying to lose it’. Your true self is the inner part of you that is connected to Spirit. It sees through the veil of the lower self; the egocentric mind and is your God-consciousness or your soul if you prefer, and it is pure love. And when you live from the level of the soul, you see through the lens of the divine. Therefore you no longer need or require the falsehoods of ego and all that it entails. Remember, that the source of all life is within you, and it is found in higher consciousness. In fact, you could say that your true self is a higher consciousness and this higher consciousness is all around us, but we need to tap into it. It is the consciousness of the Universe; or the divine consciousness if you wish to call it that. Either way or whichever name you chose to appoint to it, it all boils down to the same thing. But, the title is not so important, what is important is that people are aware that it exists, and try to tap into it. A higher God-consciousness has many names and guises because it is the seat of that prized gold cup; the New Jerusalem, the land of milk and honey, it is where the resurrection is found, it is the Holy Grail. But, all have the one meaning of higher consciousness. And it is within this higher consciousness, that we find wholeness. Within wholeness, we are our true selves, we find peace, happiness and fulfilment. Without which we are empty vessels in search of the Holy Grail, or the land of milk and honey. We are vulnerable, insecure and fearful when we are not at one with who we really are. And it is then that we fall into the trappings of addiction and despair. So, how you might ask do I tap into my higher self? simple, the most effective way is stillness, stillness found in meditating, spending time in nature and prayer, (the more contact you have with the higher realms the better). I had a rude awakening because I was an alcoholic, I had nothing left in this life to lose, but I did not want to lose my life; so I surrendered to my higher self; my inner being and trusted in it and subsequently found my True-Self, and therefore wholeness and happiness. Some people will call that inner-being God, that I trusted in God and I suppose I did. Because at the time I was not fully ‘aware’ of my inner-being / higher consciousness, of my God-consciousness or higher self. In fact, I had no real name for it back then, and it was only in hindsight that I recognised that which had happened to me. And it has been a great, great journey. A marvellous adventure and a wonderful experience and I am so lucky to have come out of it so so good. Truly I am blessed. And thanks to the interest that someone showed me at the weekend, which got me thinking again of basic stuff, fundamental elements from my journey that I was starting to forget. So many thanks Sinead for returning me to a place of deep reflection, gratitude for where I am now, and of course for my higher self for getting me here.

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