Meditation – I love it. Among other things, it keeps me grounded, calm, and connected to Source on a daily basis, and especially the days that I find I am particularly busy. Those are the days that I appreciate it even more because it brings me back into balance; as at times, I can allow the material world to out-weigh us. Bringing the focus back into the metaphysical part of us is very important. The part of us that is even bigger than our physical selves, yet cannot be seen. That is our Spirit; our Divine Energy that is always connected to Source Spirit or Source Energy. We have to maintain that crucial link, and awareness of what we really are as otherwise we lose the plot. And least we do not forget that a calm interior is vital for us to have a calm exterior, which is a tranquil outer physical world. Because one simply is a reflection of the other. We must remember that the universe is inside of us, that the interior is a mirror for the other. So it is very crucial to identify oneself with the universal ultimate reality in order to have among other things inner peace. This inner peace will carry us through life, and help us to live a happy and fulfilled life. It is our calm in the turmoil waters that life can place all around us. But we will remain in a sea of tranquility, thanks to our daily dose of connectivity to Source and its universal¬†ultimate reality that we can hook up to when meditating. Try it if you are not already. It only takes 15 minutes a day and see how your life like mine can too change and for the best. You have nothing to lose and all the universe to gain. Swim in that sea of tranquility, let its gentle waves carry you through life… float like you are weightless as the universe upholds you. Allow and surrender, losen the tight grip of control and trust in Source.

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