You think all is going just dandy for you, and then boom! something out of the blue strikes. You are brought down by illness, or someone you really care about is seriously ill, or you miss that flight. Life likes to throw us in different directions then we thought we were ought to go in. Life has a way of making us or teaching us to adapt to new circumstances all the time. In fact, without life’s variances, everything would remain static, but as we all know nothing ever stays the same. Everything is in constant change, flux because life is movement. And just because life is not moving in the direction that you thought it would go, does not mean that you have to be unhappy. The only difference between being happy and unhappy is that which we concoct in our heads. We get a notion that we can only be happy if we have that lovely car/dress/bag/shoes/house/job/partner etc. Turns out that we can be perfectly happy if we simply decide to be. No matter what life fires at us, we can take it with grace and go with the upstream flow just like a swan on a lake. By pulling against the flow we are only going against ourselves and splitting our energy, and this is not good. For it will pull us into a tissy, into a mad mix of energy that will not serve us nor others well. Remaining grounded and with grace to go with the winds of change is a blessing. Remember that we learn loads from our life experiences, and knowing how to deal with them and to ‘manage’ them is of utmost importance. Because if you let your notions get the better of you, like that I can only be happy with XY or Z, then you are boxing yourself off to all the other possibilities that the universe has in store for you. Being grounded, open, flexible, and fluid is a recipe for success. Change is a natural part of life whether we like it not. It may take a few minutes or a little while to digest great change. But when you digest it, let it settle, and let it evolve as it is meant to be. Going against it, focusing on the negative, and not appreciating the positive side of something is only going to amplify the negative emotions and attached energies that go with that. Saying that we need to remember to be kind to ourselves, and to give ourselves time that we need to adapt to changes. We are all human, none of us are mechanical. We are sentient beings of great complexity; wonderfully incarnate in our beautiful bodies. This is the beauty of being a human being, embarrassing all that is deemed positive, and all that is deemed as ‘negative’ is very important. Everybody is already perfect, we are all students in this the university of life. We all have our bright side and our shadowed side. This is what makes life so good, so meaningful. There is so much for us to experience, explore, and discover as we create our wonderful lives. We learn new things about ourselves every day, every year. We see our strengths and become to discern our weaknesses; we grow. We grow from the baby signet into that wise, majestic, and graceful swan, going with the universe’s flow of all that life brings us and in doing so ease our journey.

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