Sometimes I really do have no idea about what I am going to write about and today is one of those days. But write I will, as I find when I ask heaven – my guides and angels, and thanks to them something always comes into my head. This may seem almost naive and unprofessional to you. But that is what they are here for. They are here to help us in any way that they can, but we have to be open to it. We have to be able to hear that guidance and to trust that which is given to us. Which also means that we have to be able to discern and to be receptive to divine guidance. The more receptive we are the better able we are to interpret and distinguish guidance that is given. And this is a very good time of the year to speak about divine guidance etc as we are now in the run-up to the influx of energy that comes with the winter solstice on December 21st the shortest day of the year (in the northern hemisphere). It is the longest day of darkness and it marks the beginning of a new rebirth of the sun cycle for us, and with that, it brings certain energies for regeneration. The winter solstice has many spiritual undertones, and its roots are indeed very ancient. To the pagans, it marked an extremely important milestone in the solar year, marking a powerful transition point between the seasons that we should not ignore. All the ancient cultures marked this time of year, and for good reason. The energies of the winter solstice hold energies for renewal, regeneration and so it is a great time to go inward. To be present and to reflect, to meditate and to integrate these new energies, so you can enter into the new year letting go of that which no longer serves you, and make good intentions and goals for the fresh start to come. There is additional solar power passing through all energies at this time of the year. So quite literally there is a shift occurring at this time of year. It may not be as obvious as the spring or autumn equinoxes when you can see high tides from the magnetic pull of the moon, no the energies of the winter solstice is more subtle, yet powerful in and of itself, as the sun gains momentum and we start a new solar cycle for another year. Personally, I do love this time of year, you can call it also the Christmas spirit, but it is a melange of well mostly the solstice energies and the excitement of Christmas. But one is built on the other, that is that the ancient winter fest of Yuletide came before they turned it into the birthday of Jesus Christ. Symbolically the new winter sun has become the son of God the giver of life… which is one and the same as our sun which gives us life on this planet. So the winter solstice with additional solar power passing through organic life of all kind, it boosts the energies in their systems. In the case of a person, it causes increased power in the mind, soul and energy field. So it is up to us to maximise these new energies and be still so as to allow this to happen. So being in lockdown this year is not such a bad thing after all if it allows us to be more relaxed heading into this normally busy Christmas season. Use the extra time that we have well, utilise it so that we benefit even more from that which is going on in the ether mostly unknown or unaware to us. Become more aware of the energy that this special time of year has. Celebrate it, embrace it, rejoice in it, both as the new Sun and as the new Son. Have a super solstice and mark it well.

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