I love rooting around on YouTube and the various spiritual channels and seeing if I can stumble on something interesting. I find a lot of near-death experiences that people had, which is quite interesting, and the one common denominator is that they all experience God as pure love. This is a real comfort and pleasure to hear. Well, it is something that I have always understood, but hearing it from others is great. It is reassuring. For me, it confirms the falsehood of a lot of the rubbish that mankind has created for itself. God is indeed love, and nothing else truly exists only love. I say love, as there is no other word which comes close to describing it. Because love is a word that can be tossed around like it was in a salad bowl. And as we are in the run-up to Saint Valentine’s Day, love is indeed very much to the fore right now. But God as pure love and the human notion of love can be two very different things. For the most part, humans tend to put conditions on love, well a lot of the time anyhow. It is almost like a game; you abide by my rules and in return, I will continue to love you. When you don’t do, act or say as I require then the love game is lost. If a car is not the right colour, or the dress is not right then I do not love them so much. In fact, if you look closely there are a lot of ‘I’s there. Everything is going fine as long as ‘I’ am pleased, when I am not happy I no longer feel the same way about you or the object of my desire. Human love therefore can be self-satisfying and limiting. It is conditional, there is not much scope for freedom and authenticity in it. It is a love that can cause execution rather than expansion. But God as love is so much the opposite… The creator of all of creation, (which includes ourselves), is in us. God is in everything. We are rays of the Sun that is God. So if God is pure expansive love, a love that is unconditional and infinite why can’t we embody the same love as humans? What is it that differentiates our love from God’s? Fear. Fear is the opposite of love, it is the other end of the pole or spectrum. So what is blocking us? What is causing us to be in a state of fear? We live in a state of fear; feeling unloved, and unwhole and therefore we seek out partners, substances and stuff to fill the voids. But what is the void? Why do we have a void anyhow? We have voids because we feel separate from God. We are not one with God, therefore how can we experience its love and wholeness? We put conditions on love because we do not know how to truly love. And to truly love anyone you have to truly love and know yourself. To know and love yourself is to know and love God; to be in connection with God. There is no need to feel separate and alone because God is in us. All we have to do is tap into God within us; tap into ourselves to reach that divine love that is held deep within us. Because, if we are not mining that love that is within us, then we are letting our fears surface and control our lives. This Valentine’s Day, ok appreciate your loved one if you have one, but whether you are in love or searching for a partner, ask yourself what is it that you’re truly seeking. Perhaps it is something far deeper and richer, perhaps it is something that someone or something cannot give you. Perhaps it is already there within you, subtly seeking you out. Sit in silence and seek the God that is within first, and all else will follow.

Happy Valentine’s Day,

Blessings Edel.

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