They say that prayer is talking to God, and that meditation is listening to God. This phrase really made sense of it for me. Talking is all well and good, but, how much more productive do you think it is to listen to divine wisdom as opposed to you talking to it? I think both practices are very important and both definitely have their roles to play in spiritual growth, but hands down listening wins. Because it is only when you stay still in meditation that your divine wisdom gets to surface, otherwise it is hemmed in and lost beneath all the chatter of the ego and the outside world. And coming into contact with your divine self opens up a gateway for divine intelligence to flow through. Prayer, yes, is very important, but, meditation seems to be a faster route to spiritual growth. Both practices are a form of purification; the more contact you come into with the divine, (or the spiritual, supernatural realm if you prefer to call it that) the more your energy is cleansed, cleared and ready to receive all of the divine intelligence this universe has to offer. So what does it have to offer one might ask? the benefits amongst others are improved intuition, improved creativity, an increased consciousness, improved inner calmness and knowing, improved confidence in oneself and your divine life purpose, an improved sense of belonging and security knowing that there is another level of existence other than this one, and improved stability and happiness in one’s life as one deals with life better, improved health, improved sense of self, and of course an improved relationship with the divine in your life, and a stronger sense of being loved. No therapist, nor pill can offer you all that and the best part is; it is all free! Plus, meditations using or calling on divine white light, has the ability to transmute lower negative energies, thus, unblocking and opening up your life in manners you cannot even imagine. This is why there are a lot of websites, and books allocated to meditation and divine white light therapy, as all are needed to bring about the change that we are all seeking and preparing for. They are a crucial part of the process of creating this new earth; an earth where unity consciousness love and light exist in order to catapult humanity into a higher level of being; a higher consciousness, and therefore a better world. We all have a duty to aid in this process, a duty first and foremost to ourselves, but, also a duty to do our bit for a better tomorrow for everyone. Expanding yourself spiritually, or expanding your consciousness has a huge knock-on effect – sending ripples out into the universe; in waves of good energy. And this good energy attracts more good energy as like attracts like… so a snowball effect is produced. A snowball of love and light that will shine brighter than you can imagine, doing untold good. And also all this has the added benefit of bringing that good energy back to you, but, multiplied. Its January, it is the time for snow, so go out and make a few snowballs for yourself and see what just comes back to you.

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