I can’t wait till Christmas! This has been a particular year and it is still weird, but I am not going to let it get in the way of having a great Christmas; masks and all. And I love the short days, the cosy nights and the run-up to the winter solstice. I love the way the two global shattering events have been amalgamated, that is the winter solstice and the birth of Jesus Christ. I read recently how Jesus is eternal in time and space and his consciousness resides in us. And that was why he came, to awaken our consciousness’ to who we really are. We are infinite divine eternal beings of pure consciousness. The light of the Sun and the light of the Son are one and the same. We have the end of the darkness of winter and the light of the world found in Jesus’ birth threw in together, and I love that. I love the way every religious festivity is centred around the cycle of the Sun. Without the Sun we would not exist, there would be no life on the Earth. And without the Son to raise our vibrations, to create a Christ consciousness within us, we would have not evolved into the more loving expanded beings that we are today. Jesus Christ was one of the great aviators who came to raise the vibrations of the planet 2,000 years ago. Jesus was a highly evolved being, whose consciousness was a lot more developed than ours. Aviators like him all had the same objective of raising the consciousness and opening the hearts of people. Having an open heart is vital to any spiritual path. If our hearts are hardened and remain closed then it is all the more difficult for us to move forward emotionally or spiritually and of course, that will impact on our physical health also, as all are connected. So let us remember as we begin to prepare Christmas, that Christmas marks the birth of Christ. The birth of light, and the end of the old consciousness. Amongst the rushing and running around let us remember the babe of Bethlehem. Do not under-estimate the power of the coming of Christ. Do not be new age spiritual snobs, and dismiss this Christian festival as a quaint and oversimplified biblical story. The birth and coming of Christ changed our levels of consciousness and brought us into a new era. An era that we as Christians, Muslims, Jews, Pagans, Hindus, or whoever are called to expand on. All of humanity has a duty to grow in consciousness, to expand, to evolve and to explore the limitless universe or universes that are out there. We cannot and should not standstill. To grow in love and consciousness is the greatest and the best thing you can do in life. Fairytales of a little fellow born in a stable may seem harmless to many of us in this high-tech era, yet we must look past the incidental details and see the whole picture that is at play here. Frankly, I don’t care if Mary was a virgin if Christmas was a pagan festival that was hijacked, if Jesus was baptised or not, or if shepherds and kings came to do him homage or not. The main thing is that around 2,000 years ago he came. The period before Christmas in Christianity is known as ‘advent’ and this means “he comes”, and this is what is important. And let us not forget that it was not Jesus who started the religion of Christianity but those who came after him. So give the guy a break and remember this Christmas to look towards the babe who became a man, who raised the vibrations of this planet for all of us. Now that is worth celebrating!

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