I did a bit of renovating in my kitchen, which led me to think about repainting the kitchen walls. So, off I ran to the biggest and nearest hardware, I grabbed 5 litres of the finest and the most beautiful shade of paint I could find, and I went home delighted to have that much done. The following few days I started to paint, only to realise that this beautiful colour paint was not so beautiful after all… I thought it would be fine when it dried out, but no, it remained unchanged; still a dull, dead and cold shade of blue-grey… What was I thinking I asked myself?, why did I run out and buy any paint without trying out a tester in the kitchen first? What demon had possessed me to that? Had someone given me the bad eye? Had I been cursed by the devil himself to have wasted money and hours painting in 35° heat… ? How could this happen to me? I thought I must have done something very wrong in a past life to deserve this go on! Dramatics aside, I decided I could not live with that colour… I said to myself that something will have to quickly change! Cleaning up in the garage that evening I stumbled across a tin of green paint that had been sitting there for years after I had painted a bedroom, (which I subsequently found to be too dark after)… but I thought to myself, hey, this colour would work on one of the walls, and it would really shake things up in the kitchen, and one wall in this shade would not be too dark, yet warm. Whilst meditating later it came to me, to use the green paint also on the press, and on the doors too. It was a eureka moment. The veil lifted during that meditation, and I saw exactly what I needed to do. Excited I started to paint late that night, and I could see that it was turning out well. The following day I continued and I was thrilled with the result. The green (my favourite colour) had done its job, the two colours complimented each other and the kitchen was original and cool… happy days! All of my hard work had finally paid off, and I could sleep soundly again. The moral of this story is yes, meditation helps you to clarify and create. But also for the good to emerge, sometimes we first have to go through the worst for the best to arrive. I never would have thought of using the green, if I had painted the entire kitchen in a decent colour in the first place; I would have missed out on the far better option and unknowingly have settled for second best. You see, sometimes the universe places us in difficult positions so that higher possibilities can emerge; never lose sight of that. Do not be over-shadowed by negativity, remember to appreciate the spring, we first have to experience winter… to appreciate heat we have to experience the cold… it is how we can relate and make sense of things; that is how we make sense of our human spiritual experience. Try to embrace all experiences that come your way, as they are all teachers of one kind or another within this spiritual school of life… in fact, all experiences allow for better and bigger things ahead. It allows us to expand and grow. Experience enables us to fully merge blissfully with our humanity. Within every challenging situation is the gift of a lesson. Our task is to discern, and learn these lessons and appreciate that which has been taught to us (universalspirituallaws.blogspot.com/2010/09spiritual-law-of-blessings.html?m=1). You see, we are to use challenges as springboards into transformation.

And my lesson in all of this? well, I think it must’ve been ‘patience’ to sit and meditate on what I wanted for my kitchen in the first place, without charging off to grab the first old pot of paint that I thought would do. Ok, I arrived at the appointed goal, but I went the long way around getting there… but, thankfully, the universe is always on my side, and I got to where I wanted (a lovely kitchen), and in the process, I learnt my school lesson.

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