Having over-indulged recently; that is I comfort eat and just let down my guard regarding maintaining my healthy lifestyle… and when I got on the scales lately I got quite a shock! It was then that I started really to examine what I had been eating. Yes, I kept my daily good habits of having fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch, and veg for my dinner, all that was fine. It was just in between and after the healthy light meals that I ate sugary stuff, like deserts, ice-creams, biscuits, crisps, etc So I am now doing a good juice detox in order to cleanse and to snap myself back into shape. So what has this got to do with spirituality you might ask? Spirituality is a lifestyle, it encompasses body, mind, and spirit. When your body is weighed down and choked up with chemicals; that is when your body’s energy is slowed down by sugars, toxins, and chemicals it cannot vibrate as fast as it should. Therefore the cleaner your body is, the faster your spiritual vibrational energy is, and the faster your energy is the closer you are to Spirit and the ability to align with Spiritual guidance from Source energy… The blessed Trinity of Body, Mind, and Spirit can never be separated. All are interconnected and are interdependent on one another. Anything that fogs the body is going to fog your connection to Spirit. So the cleaner our lifestyle is, the better it is both physically and spiritually for us. And plus my doctor had warned me not to put on weight due to my bad back, so I do not want an evil eye from him either… anyway regardless of him, I have to think of what is best for me. But, brushes with the doctor I can also do without. He is the doctor for my body, but I am the doctor of my soul and spirit and I intend to be the best patient possible. So therefore I respect my body as a spiritual vessel. I respect all that I put into it and am grateful for the great food that Mother Earth amply supplies for me. A detox may seem severe, and it is not for everyone. Just clean healthy living is enough for anyone, and to bear in mind how you are looking after yourself from every angle. Be conscious of how the body, mind, and soul are intimately interlinked, interconnected, and overlayed. Become more aware and be your own spiritual doctor and physician to keep your trinity of body, mind, and spirit in the best vibrational form possible.

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