I always learn things the hard way; always have done. But yet, I do like to think that I am getting older and wiser. This university of life is great; I have learned lots and physical pain is one lesson that I would like to share with you… Pain is literally a pain in the arse, it is uncomfortable and leaves us debilitated and is frustrating. But, we should listen to our bodies, because what is going on for us in our daily lives is reflected in our bodies. We cannot separate the trinity of body, mind, and soul. The three are always intricately connected, and whether we realize it or not the body is inside the mind and not the other way around, as usually thought. So, the mind or if you like our feelings are reflected in what’s happening our bodies; that is what is being manifested on a physical level for us. Hence, we should listen always to our feelings; respect what is going on for us, acknowledge them and deal with them if at all possible. Feeling unhappy is only going to back-fire and affect our health and well-being in a negative light. But, we are not always aware of these goings-on, sometimes an ugly illness or accident has to happen to us before we decide to change our lives, and that is even if we have the courage to do that, to change. Discomfort in our bodies is the universe’s way of telling us to sit up and take notice, it is another way of saying that help is on the way. It is a call to change and to change for the better. Remember we are but pure energy, and our energy comes from Source, so when our energy is distorted like it is during illness or accidents it simply means that Source is trying to tell us something. It means that Source is actually answering; Source is talking to me through my cells telling me that something is wrong, something needs to change. And I know this better than anybody, as I left it too late to make positive changes in my life before and this has now left me now with injuries to heal; I am on the road to recovery, but it will take time. I am just mad at myself that I did not change the situation before it came to this, but, better late than never. This experience has taught me, to listen to my feelings and to live from my inner truth, to put my own personal happiness first and then I can take care of everybody else. Source has taught me to do this, and it has been a hard lesson to learn, but, learn I did. And now I can freshly face a new decade with renewed confidence, all thanks to my cells that spoke loud and clear to me.

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