You know I love stones, precious gems and crystals. And I love to learn about how to look after them and what their needs are etc., it’s very interesting and of course necessary if you use them. Because like ourselves, they too need upkeep and care. So, whilst googling how to charge amazonite, it was suggested to leave it in the sun for a couple of hours. And this resonated with me, as I had thought of it before many times and I want to talk a bit about it today; and that is the Sun. Yes, that glorious bright yellow ball right over us in the sky. For, the Sun is the brightest and most visible star in our solar system, with enormous power and influence over our Earth. The Sun is vital for life on this planet, and without it, we would not exist. All of life depends on the Sun here on Earth. And just like the stones that recharge in the Sun, so too do we. You see the Sun has the energetic ability to cleanse and rejuvenate. It burns out dense negative energy, leaving us better and brighter. Psychologically of course we all feel better too when the Sun is shining, and the sunlight heals and sheds light where there was darkness. With each sunrise, the Earth is bathed with vitalising new vibrations, creating a spiritually charged energy – hence since ancient times the practice of turning towards the East to meditate or do yoga. We should honour the Sun, for the great gift that it is, and not take it for granted. It is also like the moon the only thing that we have not polluted. The Sun like us creates its own light, and we can tap into the energy of the Sun to help us just to enrich our light from within. In the Tarot, for good reason, the Sun represents contentment, vitality, self-confidence and success; good and positive things. The Sun also in many faiths and religions symbolises the Creator, Krishna and Jesus (Sun/Son), Mohammad, Buddha rebirth and renewal. The Sun has the ability to gift us with the vitality and the energy of life. The Sun is one of the best energy sources for a person’s spiritual vitality. We are akin to a solar panel when we spend time in the Sun. We need to spend at least half an hour in the Sun every day, and plus it will do wonders for activating our ‘solar plexus chakra’, (which got its name from the Sun); therefore having a knock-on effect on the other chakras also as all are interdependent. The Sun breaks down the negativity from your soul and allows you to release and detox. The Sun activates the stuck energies and the moon releases them, in fact, we need both the Sun and the Moon for our spiritual growth. But, as usual, without awareness of these, we will not be able to maximise their effects. Do not take the Sun for granted, nor overlook it as a spiritual aid on your journey. So, do your homework, and learn how to maximise the freely God-given universal energies of the Sun and the Moon without delay, they are not only good for our precious stones but also for us. And we can do our research outdoors under the spiritual Sun.

Jesus Christ the Redeemer during sunrise in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 2, 2016. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach Picture Supplied by Action Images – MT1ACI14493849

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