Happy New Year Everyone! And it is with great pleasure and excitement that we welcome 2022. I found 2021 a bit challenging, and I would say that I was not the only one. So, to see the winter solstice arrive and to welcome a new solar annular year is great. Having a fresh start is always great; you just can’t beat it! I adore the opportunity to shake off the old and to welcome the new energy of a brand new year. We can put the past behind us and march confidently – onward and upward into 2022, with enthusiasm and joy. This new variant of the Covid 19 virus may be dominating the headlines, but it need not dominate us. Never, let what is negative pull you down; we have to rise above the collective herd mentality and think positive thoughts for ourselves and our loved ones. Let this new year be one of optimism and hope. Hope for a better tomorrow for us all. And with our hopes and aspirations for the new year ahead, we can be thinking about our New Year resolutions – what can we take up or what do we need to let go of? I for one definitely want to eat less sugar, I wish to give it up completely. As, I find my sweet tooth, has such a hold on me and it is not good for me on any level. Sugar, of course, is not good for spiritual growth as it coats the pineal gland, therefore, not only expanding our waistlines but also blocking us on our spiritual path of expansion. Anyway, I am sick of being held hostage to a divine looking desert that does not serve me. After I indulge I am left trying to work it off, or I beat myself up with guilt for eating such rubbish in the first place. I have mastered alcohol and cigarettes; I quit them both years ago, so why can’t I do the same with the stupid sugar? I think it is because A) I am comfort eating, and B) I tell myself it is the only pleasure I have now that I don’t either drink or smoke. Both, of these “excuses”, are a bit pathetic, but nonetheless, that is the rubbish I tell myself in order to justify ridiculous things that I know do not serve me. So, what rubbish are you telling yourself? I think we all create exaggerated excuses for bad lifestyle choices. So, that is my New Years resolution; to stop telling myself lies, and to wake up to the fact that I am not helping myself out, even if it seems harmless, like one little slice of cake. But, if you add up all the ‘little’ slices of cake you have in your lifetime; it is a hell of a lot of cake and sugar coating on your pineal gland! So, I have decided to flip the switch in my head and no longer be a slave to sugar. What will your new year resolution be? What can you do that will better serve you? Are you also a slave? or do you need to embrace something that will serve you?

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