We need to become fully alive because more than half of the population is only half alive. They think they are alive and trying to live as best they can, but it is not a ‘real’ life they live. They focus solely on their physicality, we are not merely physical beings. You must remember that we are far more than physical beings, we are energetic beings. We are divine energy. To forget this is or not to be aware of this creates a lot of suffering. As we are half alive, trying to make ourselves alive through money, drink, etc.; through worldly pleasures, this ‘pleasure’ becomes an essential part of our lives; without it, people think they cannot exist. Pleasure becomes paramount to people. When you are truly fully alive the longing for pleasure becomes far less important to you and just like the steam from a boiling kettle, desires for pleasure eventually evaporate. You are no longer searching for the next drink or some sort of fix like shopping or comfort food. In fact, if we are to be happy and to have inner peace the connection to who and what we are is paramount in this life. Floating along always seeking happiness and fulfilment from things outside of yourself is an empty search. And we lose our energy, and time on this earth chasing our tails. Spiritual realisation, and its knock-on effect of personal maturity, will bring us the joy and the peace that we are looking for. Yes, it is of course good to enjoy this life, to take pleasure in the physical realm in which we live, but it is not the be-all and the end-all of our lives. Our lives should be far richer than that, and far less shallow. People who are disconnected from God and from themselves are miserable and living in fear most of the time. They have fallen hook line and sinker for the falsehood of this nonexistent physical realm that we think is life. Life is but an illusion, this is only temporary. I found him very difficult when I was in school, but one thing I do remember is that Shakespeare said life is but a stage and we are all players on it, How true is that? The guy wrote plays that clearly showed he understood the human psyche, the spiritual realm and the falsehood of this one. That’s why the guy is still so famous today. And we too have to look beyond this existence and open up to the spiritual world of the Divine. Otherwise, we will only continue on the treadmill going nowhere. We need to take the lead role in this the drama of life, we need to be responsible for our growth. It is so easy to blame the government, society, our families, etc., but it is our responsibility to manage ourselves and no one else’s. Anyhow we cannot change our outer world until we change our inner world. We cannot change other people but we can change ourselves, and it is this that we need to focus on. And we cannot change the world with the same mind that created it – Albert Einstein. So in order for anything to change we first must instigate the change within us, we need to be open and willing to do that. Being indifferent in this life is not going to win us any favours, we’ll just have to keep returning here until we eventually do learn how to be fully alive as spiritual beings. The spiritual path is a great path to be on, in fact, we are all on it, whether we realise it or not, but it is awareness of this that creates the difference, and what we do about it. Either way, we can enjoy this journey, we can do it either the hard way by ourselves or the easy way with God and Spirit as our guide. For me, there is no choice, I’ll take the easy option with pleasure, please! As for Shakespeare’s plays, I think I still might just have a few of the guy’s books still hanging around somewhere, and read them again with fresh eyes and be wide awake this time.

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