“I have the perfect work in the perfect way, I give a perfect service for the perfect pay”, Florence Scovel Shinn.

Service, what service do we give to the world and how do we give it? Service, or giving back is a vital component of a balanced life. Without that equilibrium we are unstable and interiorly wobbly, to say the least. When I say service it is not about just doing charity work or something like that, rather it is our attitude to how we do anything. Do we do things in the spirit of joy and gratitude? Do we happily give our time freely? Whatever service it is we are doing, it needs to be done in the right mindset and happily. Remember the more we give out, the more we get back. And you cannot cod the Universe, it knows how you are feeling, (as it is inside of you!). The universe will give back to you tenfold what you put out. The returns may not come as you expect, they may be disguised but back it will come in one form or another. Me, well I like to pray, I pray for the world and I pray for any causes that catch my attention. This brings me tremendous joy, satisfaction and fulfilment in my daily life. To pray is to direct positive energy in a certain direction, it can be for a person, place, (like a town or country,) a season or some part of nature that you appreciate or think needs healing. I pray for all different things. It is a service that I give freely and happily. No one knows about it and neither do I care. It is something personal to me and I know that I reap many many benefits from it. It is the same when I am doing the service of cleaning the toilet for my elderly father, or the simple household things for him. I see it as a service of love and gratitude and I get on with it. I don’t complain, as it is a joy to be physically able to do it, that I have the time to do it and that I have the materials that I need to do it. I give thanks to the Universe for all that I can do, even if it is not my favourite thing to do. Service with a smile no matter what you are doing in life, whether it is your ideal thing to do or not, is not important. What is important is to honour where you are at, and render that service as best you possibly can with joy and gratitude. The universe loves gratitude and will give back in buckets. But remember, you cannot fool the Universe, so when you do something do not do it solely for a motive but enjoy whatever it is you are doing. Live in the present moment, enjoy where you are at, appreciating the fact, that it is also a stepping stone on your journey through life. You don’t go at warp speed from A to Z, there are many letters in-between. To be able to do that is in itself a lesson in self-disciple, and it is a blessing. It is in fact vital for a happy and peaceful life. Life is very simple really, there is no need to complicate it by projecting everything into the future, or reminiscing on the past. Live in the present moment and appreciate each moment, find the good in all and it will make you feel a whole lot better, thus enabling also for you to have interior peace. This idea that you can only be happy on a beach in the sun is rubbish, give and allow yourself to be happy now, wherever you are. Permanently projecting into the future can make us feel more miserable, so try to find that key balance between living in the moment and daydreaming about what it is you wish for. Also find that balance between caring for others and caring for yourself, too much of either is also going to knock you off course. Service in fact is not at all about others, but about you, even when your intention is for the good of others. Everything in your life is about you, even when you think you are doing stuff for others. It is in fact for yourself at the end of the day that profits, as everything does come back to you remember. Knowing that makes it easier to clean those toilets with a sense of satisfaction, so you see it makes it easier to render that service with an interior smile.

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