Yipee! It is officially spring. The spring equinox has passed (March 20th) bringing with it an acceleration of growth energy and potential. And it feels so good to leave the long winter behind and go head on into this new season bursting with freshness and vitality. Spring is amazing, everything in nature is wakening up once more after the long winter slumber. And we too are no different. Spring is of course the season of newness and birth, of new life and of new beginnings. So with that, I open my arms wide, ready to receive all that this great Universe has to offer. Spring is the season when we indulge in the beauty that nature spoils us with… flowers start to reappear, as too do the buds and the leaves on the trees, and birds sing as they busy themselves building their nests for this year’s young. Spring brings with it a sense of hope and anticipation for all that has to come. It is also a time to return to the light after the darkness of winter. We have been patient, as we have been cooked up inside practically all winter, so it is now the season to get out; the season to redirect our focus to the exterior. It is time to get our hands dirty in the garden and to ready ourselves for the coming growth; the many gifts of this good and great Earth. Essentially spring is a time for a change, and we too need to birth our plans for the coming summer and reflect on all that the winter taught us. It is a time to do some spiritual spring cleaning and to refocus our goals. What seeds do we want to plant this spring within the garden of our souls? What parts of us need to grow more? What are we glad to leave behind, as we go forward into this new season of spiritual expansion? What boundaries do we need to push out to leave our comfort zones behind? And like the birds what do we need to build upon in order to obtain a higher state of consciousness and awareness? How can we expand and grow in love for ourselves and for others this spring? With each season we need to take stock of where we were, where we are at, and where we are going. This is an ideal time now to hit the reset button. To start anew; to make that fresh start within the energies of this new season and also within the energies of the first new moon of spring. It is time to sow seeds which will reap many positive possibilities for us. So, set aside some time to get your hands dirty and get planting! And in order to thrive, remember that once planted, seedlings need to be regularly watered and nourished. That is; they require some regular attention, as does everything which is worth doing.

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