As November is the month that leads us into the darkness of winter, let us cosy up and enjoy the contrast that this new season brings. November has always been associated with the deceased, it is a time to remember our departed loved ones. But let us not forget that death does not exist, that we are eternal spiritual beings. ‘Death’ is only the entrance gate of our consciousness into the other realm. Both life and death par say do not actually exist but are only illusions. Illusions of duality, in this the earthly realm, for we are eternal and infinite beings of light energy. We are pure consciousness. Death, like any other thing, cannot destroy us. Yes, we miss our loved ones when they leave this 3D physical realm; we are left with a void to fill in our lives. But for those who have departed, they are gone onto their next part of their journey. That journey like our earthly sojourn is all about ‘experience’. We are divine consciousness experiencing itself in many different forms. Those forms can take many shapes, but if we stayed in the same form all the time, then we would not experience that much now would we? That is why change is constant. We need to change to expand, otherwise, no life would exist on this planet nor anywhere else without constant change. Change is an integral part of life; it is life. And it is in the stillness of winter that we become even more aware of the seasonal changes that are taking place around us. These changes bring about new beginnings like when the spring does arrive. Quite simply, without the winter we would not have the spring. One is dependent on the other, they are opposing ends of the pole. Death in other words brings forth fruits. These fruits may not be blatantly obvious, to begin with, but they are there waiting in the shadows to surprise and delight us. And who does not like surprises? This is what makes life so good, so interesting. The contrast that we have from one year to the next is never the same. But remember that we are at the driving wheel of this vehicle of our lives. We are ultimately creating our own experience whether we are aware of it or not. We are the Creator and the Created at the same time. Our consciousness, how we think and how we feel emotionally are the determining factors in our lives. Happy on the inside equals happy on the outside, as your eternal reality is an extension of your internal state of being. One is a mirror for the other, so choose wisely how and why you think as you do. Choose wisely with what you fill your heart and mind with. Because this life that we lead will also ultimately determine what kind of experience will have in the next life. That is; what you have not grasped, what you have not learned will need to be experienced again for you to get it right, or until you get it right. And that thing called ‘death’ can happen any time, no one knows how long we have to get things right. But it is not about “right or wrong”, it is about the experience. It is not about the final destination but the journey of life. It is about having fun and enjoying our lives, but at the same time learning and growing as we go along. Just like our own experiences come and go, so do the seasons. And we can learn a lot from observing the seasons and putting them into the context of our own lives. The trick is to make the most of each and any given time, we never know when this joy ride will end for us, so make it a journey that you can look back on and be satisfied with. Love as much as possible and we can’t go wrong. I know when my life is over when my November comes that I want to look back with no regrets and that I did the best I could. That’s all any of us can do.

With love and blessings until next time.


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