Today I went to the Grotto here in Lourdes. October is always better as there are fewer people and therefore less noise, less electron-magnetic interference from phones and it is easier to get a seat! Overall, I find it a far more enriching experience than during high summer—the Grotto of Lourdes, where Mother Mary appeared to st. Bernadette 18 times in 1858 is indeed a sacred spot. Many, though miss understands what is going on there, many think of it solely as the Disney land of the Catholic church. But it is far, far more than that. The grotto of Lourdes is sitting on an enormous energy vortex. An energy vortex acts as a swirling centre of energy containing more earthly energy than normal. It is on an intersection, where the Earth’s ley lines meet. You can say that it is the heart chakra of our planet bringing inner feelings of harmony, balance and peace. The energy in Lourdes is also specific healing energy, hence it allows for many miracles as we call them to happen. Miracles are just a way of saying something that we did not understand, but today we understand better that all is energy. And it is the energy of the Grotto that allows healing to happen. This same energy allowed for the apparitions to occur and Mother Mary chose well where to come and to have told people to come there. It was for a good reason. Various factors affect the energy of the Grotto, and they combine to create this wonderful energy. Firstly, we have the energy vortex that is naturally occurring there. The energy vortex is due to the geographic placement of the cave. The Earth naturally creates its only energy hot spots, many are already world-famous sites known since ancient times. Sites like Stonehenge, Glastonbury in the UK, Newgrange Ireland, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Sedona Arizona USA, Es Vedrà Ibiza Spain, and Uluru in Australia, are just some examples of other hop spots around globally. So, between the energetic vortex, the great positive energy from the river ‘ Gave’ running parallel to the Grotto, the energy of the surrounding Pyrénéès mountains that surround Lourdes and the addition of years of prayers offered, Lourdes really does have a unique and special energy. It is why so many – including myself feel so dam good here. So if you ever do get the opportunity come to Lourdes. The energy here is worth coming for, but you must approach not only Lourdes but every sacred site with reverence. To correctly engage with energy one needs to be open, and receptive. It requires a calm and grounded comportment in order to integrate these energies. So approach in the right frame of mind, and with respect for what the Universe and God have gifted us with. By doing so you are the one that gains and of course, others also as a better ambience and a better consciousness are created for all at these sacred sites. Do not forget to switch off your mobile phone as the electric magnetic waves interfere with the surrounding energies. Lourdes really is lovely, and it needs to be reignited for what it truly is; that is one of the most sacred sites on the planet.

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