It is true that every cloud has a silver lining, be that not so obvious at first, but they are there. The silver lining may not be something that you might immediately think of like a silver lining as such or, you may not see it as even a plus; but from all life experience, we grow. And that in and of itself is a silver lining. We expand, we branch out; we develop, transform and ideally mature. Life would be boring without a few bumps to keep us on our toes and to progress a little. We are enlightened in some way by all our experiences. Like that we learn things like patience, courage, compassion, tolerance, independence, appreciation; we learn how to let go or let in, we learn to love more; to love ourselves and others. In fact, we learn lots and depending on what you need to learn everyone’s life is different. What life lessons I need, maybe not at all be like yours And for this very purpose circumstances have a way of throwing up life experiences that challenge and change us. That opens us up to new ways of thinking and being, and for this reason alone I love life. Challenges add stock to the stew, they add colour and character to everyday life. Yes, we can say that we can do without challenge thank you very much, but where would be the fun in that? How would we grow? how would we appreciate the good days if we did not have the not so good ones? Challenging life experience sheds light on things, open our eyes to our own character and to that of others. We are here in this great university of life to learn and experience both the good and the bad. Yes, it is true that we can spiritually grow more easily when we have the peace to do so, but at the end of the day it is the thorns that protect the rose. Thorns on the rose are facing downwards to protect it from being gobbled up and eaten by animals, (the animals can’t climb up it). So, you see what seems or has the illusion of negativity has its purpose. So stand back and review what comes your way, and see where and how you can grow from this experience? What life lesson is the universe trying to teach me? And if you miss the lesson to be learned that pattern will repeat until you do learn, so study well. Studying well means taking the time to be aware of what is going on in your life, being open to life lessons and to what they are trying to demonstrate to us. Because life coaches us in the most peculiar ways; not all are bad of course but good or bad we can enjoy them. No matter what we should be enjoying this journey of life, appreciating all that we are planting and cultivating, and therefore developing into; let us say we too are roses.

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