Wondering what to write and looking out at the rain, I am thinking where is the summer? Is it going to be another washout.? But, on reflection just like the sun, we also need the rain. We need the balance, we need the rain to water the Earth, to replenish, and rejuvenate the land. The rain, do not forget also serves us well, in that it cleans and clears the energy of any given moment. It washes away and purifies the atmosphere. The rain may seem to be a drag, but it certainly has its uses. The rain has the power to purify and cleanse, and it can remind us also of what we need to purify and cleanse from within us, or from around our home or office. Look around and see what has been left on the long finger. I know I have a garage full of stuff that I need to bring to the recycling centre, stuff that has been down in the basement a long time now just gathering dust and taking up space. And that just like the basement, inside of me too I have emotions to evacuate and deal with that are laid buried too. That is why many religious rites and rituals also utilise water as symbolic of cleansing and purification, think of baptisms, blessings, ceremonial purifying and anointing. Water too is necessary for growth, without which our summer flowers would die, and everything else for that matter. Rain is essentially the free-falling gift from the Gods, we should be very grateful for it, and never take it for granted. What I like to do with rainwater is to collect it in a glass bottle at specific times of the month, like at the full moon. Or if it is not raining to fill a bottle of water, bless it and leave it under the full moonlight to gather that particular full moon energy. Rainwater gathered (but not in a metal container, as it changes the energy of the water) during the spring or summer months is great for indoor plants and for your soul. Rainwater collected during the autumn harvest can be used for giving thanks, and gratitude for all you have been given since the last harvest. You can use these in your rituals or just drink them as a symbol of thanks etc. Thunderstorms contain specific electrically charged energy, that recharge, and re-energise your being or also can be used in cleansing rituals like when you buy something new and wish to cleanse it of old energies. Or you can just add a cup of this rainwater to your bath to restore you. I find even the sound of rain beating against a roof or window, or the ground outside is therapeutic in and of itself. It is so comforting to be inside in your cosy bed and to hear the wind and rain outside. A rainy day is usually a slow, cocooning day and we all love those days when we lounge around and don’t do a whole lot. It is such a joy to feel not under pressure to be outside weeding the garden, or cutting the grass. But don’t forget not least that just like every cloud has a silver lining, that with the rains come the rainbows!

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