Hi. One of the best things about the confinement is that I have even more time with my prĂ©cious pup Molly 🐕🐕🐕 she is my fabulous shitziu dog. And it is true that a dog is a man’s best friend! How could they not be? They are loyal, love you unconditionally and they don’t talk back! But dogs and cats are not just adorable balls of fluff…. they too, of course, have their spiritual purpose and are on a spiritual growth timeline just like us….. they too have their ‘mission’ to fulfill. Part of their job is to keep us spiritually cleansed and grounded… Dogs and cats help to keep the vibrational energy cleansed in and around us and in our homes. People who have pets also are proven to live longer and healthier lives, so we cannot go wrong! Another issue about the confinement due to the Coronavirus epidemic is that a lot of people think it is so bad, but let us not forget that we are not being shot at. That yes our lives have changed, but when we think of on-going conflicts or of those who lived through World War I or World Wat II then really this is nothing in comparison. What our ancestors had to live through so that we could live freely was quite an ordeal. So for us to have to stay home in our nice warm homes and watch TV is not all that bad really. Everything passes away and like everything else, this too shall pass. We just must use this time wisely to reconnect with ourselves and to reconnect with Spirit. This is an ideal time, for us to take stock and to turn inward and to grow. We are not in concentration camps, we are not being shot at, there are no black-outs… we will get through this. And in the meantime, give your furry friends a big hug of gratitude. Give thanks to Spirit for being so well, and for the gifts of precious pups.


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