By now we should be settling nicely into the New Year, 2018 was great, but it is now all behind us and now we just look forward to bigger and brighter things to come. Even if linear time did not exist for us, it is just psychologically good for us to be able to put somethings behind us and go forward fearlessly into the unknown of the fresh start that we have just be given. It is purifying and damn right pleasing to wave bye-bye and close to the door on what has gone past. Because that is exactly where it is – in the past. Try not to carry baggage into the New Year, leave egocentric concerns behind you and remain focussed, and firm in your commitment to personal growth and expansion. Holding on to what stuff that has passed its ‘sell by’ date, is only going to ware you down and slow down your energy, therefore leaving no room for fresh new energy to enter. Garding the past, and clinging on to the old stagnates your energies, leaving you in limbo so to speak. If you want to break free, if you want that fresh start that the New Year is offering, then purify yourself – leave the gone off goods on the shelf and go to the fresh counter where you will find all sorts of foods that will actually metaphysically nourish you and not make you ill. Personal growth needs that refreshment, personal growth requires you being able to rise above your ego and to live from your True-Self – this higher self is where your personal growth will spring from. So get your head around the fact that metaphysically; in order to grow a part of you has to die. That is why you cannot continue to hold tight to egocentricity or material belongings, as attachments are what is keeping you detached from your higher and True-Self. And your higher -self is who you really are. you are not your body, and you are not your mind; you are your soul. This soul of yours is anxiously awaiting to be exposed and exploited by you. Because when you live from the level of the soul, it is then that you are truly living your life purpose, which you incarnated to do. So, until you are living in conjunction with your soul’s purpose, you will feel uneasy; internal unrest is going to unsettle you. But, when you live from the level of the soul, you will be content. So, how do you live from your soul level one might ask? As stated; letting go of that which does not serve you, and of course meditation. When you meditate you give yourself a chance in the silence to encounter your True-Self. It is only by allowing yourself, this time to uncover your self, can life improve for you. For it is in the stillness where you get to meet the God inside you, inside your soul and elements of this encounter ripples out into your daily life, therefore allowing you to live from the level of your soul. You essentially carry it out into your very being, well it has always been there – it is you, but, you just never unleased its full power and potential; so now it the time to do it: A New Year and a New You.

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