Humans are naturally social beings, and we like nothing more than meeting up with friends to have fun, have a laugh and enjoy each other’s company. But, this can all go pear-shaped if someone decides to turn an evening into an event to air everything that is negative and wrong with the world. The world is not perfect this I know, but it is disheartening and nothing drops vibes quicker than a pessimist. Pessimists thrive on focussing on the ugly side of things, never seeing nor wanting to see the great, the good nor the glee in life. That is something that I do not appreciate at all and only creates heavy dense energy for all involved. I am not a psychologist, but I feel that people whose worldview is very negative must surely feel bad within themselves, and therefore project this negativity into the outer world, and to those around them. Sadly, people around them jump on the same bandwagon and verify these negative assertions multiplying the negativity tenfold. Oh, what joy when someone changes the subject! Because my friends the world is perfect, the world is how it is meant to be right now. Nothing is happening by chance and we are all creating that which we are experiencing by means of collective consciousness. The sooner that this consciousness is fully expanded and awake the better it will be for us all. Speaking of the collective consciousness, one of the topics of interest to all right now is the war in Ukraine. This of course is a sad affair, yet let us all not forget that we are all players in this stage of life and that events are merely a simulation. We are living a holographic experience, and the real us is Spirit. Nothing is real, only an energetic illusion, ok, a damn good illusion, but still an illusion. And one of the great things that are coming out of this conflict in Ukraine is the fact that Europe is changing its energy policy. Renewable energy is being further explored and accelerated at warp speed, which is great. No longer do Europeans wish to be dependent on gas or coal. We want our own energy sources now, and for these sources to be sustainable, self-sufficient and renewable. Globally, we desired a cleaner, greener planet and now we are being forced into it, all thanks to Mr Putin. That is the power of the collective consciousness. Wars are also means of manifesting into existence that which we desire. On a personal level remember I always wished for a new front door, a nicer more modern perhaps, than the old wooden one from the 1960s that was in place. Yes, it had character but still, I wanted a change. On a visit to Ireland one time during the winter, I received a call from my neighbour at the time, telling me how my house was broken into. They forced entry by breaking the front door. Nothing was missing except some jewellery which I could live without, and otherwise, the place was intact. So, mixed emotions of shock and relief, and when I got back the first thing I had to do was to sort the insurance to get a new door as the old one could not be fixed. Eventually, I got a new door. Yes, it was new, yes it was more modern, more secure, but with less light and I hated the style. I got my new door alright, but it was not the door of my dreams either! You, see the Universe will deliver that which you want be it on a collective or on a personal level, it does not matter as the principle is all the same. But the way in which it delivers things to us may not be the ideal in which we envisaged. Nobody wished for a war to start in order that we live in a greener world, but viola here it is. I did not want a burglary in order to get a new door, but there it is now still as my front door 5 years later, and I have been grateful for it. The magic of creating is just surreal and ingenious. Forget the pessimists the world is beautiful, life is magic and it delivers to us that which we desire when we are a vibrational match to it. But the means may very well surprise you. Either way, enjoy the joyful journey of creating the life that you desire. Open the windows of your imagination, and think only thoughts that will serve you and the collective positively and progressively. Become a conduit for all that which you desire.

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