I read recently how people are straying away from the church and going back to God. How true. God cannot be found in a Church alone or in rituals, rites or tradition. God can only be found inside of you, through your own experience. Religion is, of course, a help to put you on the right path, but, that path should actually lead somewhere other than to the church door itself. It should lead you on a personal spiritual journey of discovery. One where you inquire and question for yourself and not necessarily be insight and information that have been taught or told to you by someone else. This is your life experience and no one else’s, so therefore nobody else can do this spiritual journey for you. Each individual has their own personal and private spiritual journey to foretake in this life, one that encompasses all of life itself, as all of life is, in fact, a spiritual experience. Awareness of this is something we can carry with us into this new year. It can be our new year resolution; to focus on all of life is a brilliant, bright, and exciting spiritual experience. A heightened awareness of this will expand our vision is 2019. And as more aware, and spiritually more expanded, we can then bring something with us to that church door instead of looking inside of it for all the answers.

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