We are well into 2024, and already we are entering into the final ten days of January. Time waits for no man; onward and upward we go. Of course when I say upward primarily I am spiritually speaking. Even though I feel that I have spiritually grown lately, it does not stop me from being sometimes perturbed. One senses isolation, annelation and sometimes guilt for putting one’s health and happiness first. I know that it sounds crazy, but this is how I feel at times. In other words, it can be hard to shake off old ways of being. It takes time to get used to change, and I should not be beating myself up about it. We all need periods of adjustment. We all experience growing pains, and nobody said it was going to be easy all of the time. We must take the bad with the good and grow with it. These growing pains that I am experiencing are all part of the journey. It is all about the journey as opposed to the destination, and that is something that will never change. And as the old saying goes ‘no pain, no gain’. I may huff and puff and feel pulled in many directions, yet I do know where my centre is and that is something that’ll never change either. Spirit is at my centre and I stay grounded in it. It is during difficult times that one remembers the great benefit and consultation one gets from calling on Spirit. God and heavens help are always here for us, so call on them. Also, I let my hair grow out grey over the last couple of years. I do love the colour, it is great not to have to dye it and it is in better condition than ever. Yet, there I am also wondering does it put years on me? Do I look ‘old’? All of these insecurities raise their ugly head, and then I cop myself on and remember that I am an authentic divine being, age only exists in this physical life, so why do I worry about it? Who am I trying to impress anyway? I suppose one could say that today I was for some reason feeling insecure, and just remembering who I was snapped me out of it. Because I am not who I see in the mirror, I am not here to live by other people’s agendas; I am a beautiful divine being, I am a spark of the fire of God, and have a right to live the life that the good God gave me. By being my authentic self I am essentially living my life purpose. By doing so I am adding to society as opposed to feeling drained by it. Being pressured or feeling obliged to do things in a certain way is not doing me or anyone any good. And that also includes how I look. Because regardless of sleek advertising, and social pressure I refuse to continue to poison myself and the planet with toxic hair dyes. I may have some silly doubts some days, but I very quickly snap out of it and realise the Truth behind my fears and insecurities which are all only childish ego-based anyhow. Yes, I have my growing pains, bad days and insecurities just like anyone else, but what helps me see through it, is that I try to see through the eyes of Spirit and see the real Truth and nothing else. Because, at the end of the day it is only Spirit that exists. It is only Spirit that is real, beyond that there is nothing else that exists. Growing pains are normal, and just like everything they do shall pass. Growing pains are a good sign that one is going in the right direction. That one is growing in the first place, so I say bring them on! Don’t fear them nor fight them, but take them as part of the miracle of your transformation. Transformation into the divine being that you truly are.


Edel XXX

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