We have the first new moon of the new year today January 13th and it is a great time to tap into the energy of this new lunar cycle. it’s time to get into gear about what we hope to achieve or manifest in not only this next lunar cycle but also for the coming year. Positive thinking is vital, self assertiveness is vital. Do not hold back, nor think that something is ever too big for you to achieve; dream big and do not be shy about it. Hold the faith that all things are possible and believe in not only yourself but also the Universe to deliver. That is; always keep hope, and never lose sight of your dreams. If you can dream it, you can do it. Be consistent is your thoughts and do not split your energies by being positive about something and the next moment having negative thoughts about it. Like, do not say ‘I will make an extra five grand this year’, and then undo it all by saying to yourself ‘I have no hope of making my income any greater than what it already is’. Be consistent in your positivity, be aware of what you are saying to yourself. Keep a one-tracked mind on the goal that you wish to achieve, and do not allow any glimpse of doubt to raise its ugly head. use positive affirmations to help you along, but remember no amount of positive affirmations will help you if you yourself do not believe it is possible for you. So, first, you have to believe it is possible, truly believe it, feel it, feel the joy of having already achieved your goal and then only then will positive affirmations back you up on this. Because there is no point in repeating ‘Infinite Spirit help me to manifest my dream job/body/romance or whatever’ if you yourself do not think it is plausible. So, again I say believe, believe, believe that it is possible, leave the how and when to the wisdom of the infinite divine intelligence of the Universe, sit back and relax and wait for things to come to you. All we have to do is to make our intentions known, believe and feel they are done and then forget about it. Do not get hung up or obsess about things as this only adds negative energy to the mix. New moons are a great time to write down your future intentions, so take the opportunity now to do just that. Writing things down is a more concrete way of projecting things out in the universe. It cements your intention in thicker energy rather than just thinking about it. It adds an extra coating to any goal setting. So tonight and tomorrow get to thinking about what you truly want to manifest, making sure that it is for your higher good and for the highest good of others. Creating and serving in this manner is always the best way forward. So get your pens ready, look deep into your heart, asking Spirit to guide you as to what will best serve you and look forward with anticipation and joy to the year ahead. Happy new moon!

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