Being still out of action due to the inflammation in my foot, I have taken to watching movies on Sunday afternoons instead of moving. It is a case of having to rest, so I chill out on the sofa with my dear friend. She has not seen the Netflix series ‘The Crown’ so we have taken to watching that, and it is interesting to see how some of the characters, like many of us, search for acceptance outside of ourselves. Seeking approval from royal quarters, fame and fortune thinking that this is what life is all about. Sadly it is a shallow existence and superficial. Financial wealth, fame, fortune and status do not equate to happiness and fulfilment. Yes, having enough money is important during this timeline, as we need it to live, but it does not give meaning to life. And I am sure that our relationship with money is a life lesson that we all have to learn. They say that money makes the world go around but does it? No, it doesn’t. It is God’s greatness that makes the world go round and us in it. Money cannot make the Sunrise, nor the moon shine. The world and this Universe are God-given. Our joy and happiness are found within us. They spring forth from our God centre, our Higher Self. We should not have to seek approval or acceptance from others as we are divine beings from God. We are part of God. We are already perfect, but we of course have forgotten this. People’s insecurities come from their separation from God and Self. If we were fully aware of our divinity, if we realised our divine status then I would not have seen Mummad al-Fayed seeking the approval of Queen Elizabeth last Sunday on the telly. Netflix has done a great job with the Crown series, but, ironically, we are all intrigued by the lives of the royal family when all they do is mirror our own insecurities. Muhammad al-Fayed or whoever else is famous, are reflections of all of us, but on a grander scale. And I suppose that is why we watch these shows because deep down at a level we can relate. It is not just the famous who have their insecurities and screw-ups, it is all of us. It is all of us who need to look inside and find our divine core. We all have lessons to learn and to remember to return to God. Return to the God that is within us all, to stop seeking outside of ourselves, to look within instead of without. So that we can find that wholeness and sense of belonging that we so much seek. That which is not found in status or symbol, but in a profound inner knowing that we are divine spiritual infinite beings, who are already perfect, whole and complete. Just like the spring flowers that are starting to pop their heads above ground after the long winter sleep. The flower knows its place in the world, it knows it belongs, and it does not first seek approval from the other flowers before it blooms… it upholds its purpose and happily goes forth on its journey. There is an innate confidence in nature, that we too need to reclaim. For it is also in our nature, our natural state of being, only that we have masked it. Masked it by our insecurities, by society and our ego. The only way to uncover it again is to go back to our natural and original state of being that which is found in our divinity. So take a lesson from the snowdrops, and the daffodils this time of year, yes, admire their beauty that signals new life, but also honour them for being and doing what they were created to do. Honour them for being part of nature that does not shriek nor suppress what it is. Honour them for showing us that we too have to bloom in life; blossom as the divine beings that we are.

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